Top General warns: – The danger increases

Top General warns: - The danger increases

It has been more than 40 days since Russia – by order of President Vladimir Putin – invaded Ukraine.

Since then, there has been almost constant fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces – fighting that has claimed thousands of lives, forced more than 11 million people to flee and caused massive physical destruction.

But although the Russian forces recently decided to withdraw from several cities – Instead, it focused on the Donbass region The conflict is far from over, according to US Secretary of State Mark Milley.

– I think this is a long-running struggle. I don’t know if we’re talking about decades, but at least years, he said during a congressional hearing on Tuesday, According to the Guardian newspaper,.

contradictory: The ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine at the United Nations are speaking against each other in the Security Council.
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Fear of global security

The chief of staff said the invasion of Ukraine was the biggest threat to peace and security in Europe – and possibly the world – in his 42-year military career.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine could destroy world peace and security that our ancestors fought so hard to establish and defend,” he said. According to CNN.

He completed:

We are now facing two world powers: China and Russia. Both have great military capabilities, while both want to change the current world order.

“We are entering a world that is becoming more turbulent and the risk of a major international conflict is not diminishing — it is increasing,” he said.

Borodjanka: On Tuesday night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Potsja was only the beginning. Shocking discoveries are now being made in Borodjanka. Video: Reuters / AP / Telegram
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permanent rules

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was also present at the hearing on the war in Ukraine. Several Republicans asked Pentagon leaders if the United States could do more to prevent Putin from carrying out the invasion.

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Honestly, I’m not sure if anything could stop him. This was a long-term goal stretching back several years in time. I think the idea of ​​deterring Putin from invading Ukraine would have required the participation of US military forces, and I think it would have led to an armed conflict with Russia. Millie said this is something I don’t recommend at all.

Austin does not believe the United States should send troops to Ukraine.

If the United States had deployed forces in Ukraine to fight Putin, that would have been a different story. He said: We made the decision not to do it, and we made the decision for the right reasons.

However, Milley and Austin believe that the United States should consider establishing permanent US bases in Eastern Europe to deter Russia and others who might threaten global security in the future.

“I think many of our European allies, particularly the Baltic states, as well as Poland and Romania, are more willing to create, build and pay for permanent bases,” Milley said.

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