Forecast for Odd Roger Enoksen

Forecast for Odd Roger Enoksen

– If I had not gone to the media, I think nothing would have happened, says Hilde Lengali to Dagbladet.

On March 18, he announced two chapters with Defense Minister Ad Roger Enoxsen (SP) since 2000 and 2001. At that time he was the leader of the Center Party and the vice-president of the Lengali Northland Center Party. After a time in the MDGs he is now away from politics.

Lengali has now replied that nothing else has happened since the notice was given at the party office. He has not heard anything from the other party since then.

– I feel vulnerable and I do not receive any support. They didn’t ask how I was and didn’t care about it, ”Lengali says.

A long time passed

On March 18, Oral Secretary Nut M. He claims to have informed Olson orally and in writing. He called her three days later and recommended a meeting between her and the defense minister he had announced. So, three days later, a new message came from her.

It said the defense minister would try to hold a meeting with him in a week.

On March 24, Secretary-General Olsen wrote, “We will return in more detail on how it goes and how the week goes. Dagbladet saw this news.

After that she asked nothing.

– The problem is, there is no continuity, allowing myself to be interviewed in the media is crucial. If it calms down after such a warning, I go and wait for some kind of response, nothing will come of it. It seems to be indifferent, says Lengley.

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The role of SP leader Trigway Sloxvolt in the debate on the NRK on Tuesday night was that he had confidence in Odd Roger as defense minister in Enoksen.

Silence from the party

She contacted her again the following week, March 30th. He wrote that he had been interviewed by several media outlets and that the time suggested by Olson did not match.

She believes the process is too slow. From other parties, he says, there has been no response after going out in the media.

– Waiting for such an appointment was unnecessary, and I was very unsure whether or not to meet the person I had announced, says Lengley.

The Duplicate Center has asked the party to comment on whether the response is quick enough and whether the alarm system is working well. General Secretary Nut M. Olsen responds via SMS:

“The notice has been executed in accordance with our ethical guidelines.

Two chapters

The warning against Defense Minister Enoxon was first mentioned N.R.K. And TV2. It’s two episodes, Bodø and Ann Hell, in 2000 and 2001.

According to Lengali, in 2000 the then party leader invited him to a hotel room to discuss his political future and then pushed him down on the bed. Enoxen told the NRK he did not remember the incident.

In 2001, after they were in Sana’a together, Enoxen went to the dressing room where the lenght was showered. He reportedly stood between her and her towel and held out his hands, commenting that she looked like a “movie star”.

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Enoxsen explained that he saw the wardrobe door open and thought she was ready, but regretted the way he had designed himself in this episode.

Worried about whistleblowers

Lengali is generally concerned with how whistleblowers are received by the community.

He points out that there is no warning ombudsman for those who are unemployed.

– They have nowhere to turn, she says.

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