Top mobile card games

Top mobile card games

Card games have a long history across the globe, with the most traditional card games dating back to the Tang Dynasty in China in the 9th century. While in those times, card games were reserved exclusively for the elite, including the emperor and royalty, today, card games are enjoyed by most groups of people around the world.

Thanks to ever evolving technology, something as simple and traditional as card games have recently been revolutionised. Traditional card games like baccarat and poker can now be enjoyed as a digital version with enhanced characteristics like virtual opponents, live dealers or virtual chat rooms while players play from the comfort of their own home.

Below, we’ll take a look at what today’s digital card games offer in comparison to traditional cards and evaluate some of the best mobile card games currently.

Why are mobile card games so popular?

Traditional card games like blackjack, poker or baccarat require extensive knowledge and strategy to be successful in the game. In brick-and-mortar casinos, this is especially true where reputation is on the line and the financial stakes are high. However, thanks to more accessible card games on mobile, players across the world are now able to learn how to play such games in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

What’s more, today’s card online card games take the experience to a whole new level, with a variety of technologies included. Today’s mobile card games feature the likes of bitcoin technology where payments are safer and more anonymous, in addition to live dealers, chat rooms, and the chance to win even bigger jackpots than you can in a brick-and-mortar casino.

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Those looking to get into more strategic casino card games can now benefit from playing the likes of blackjack online to practice their strategy, Let’s take a look at some of the top card games available to play online currently.

Technology has advanced numerous cards games.

The best mobile card games of 2022

2022 has brought in some highly innovative and captivating card games which incorporate the very latest technologies. Let’s explore some of these below and see why players are so hooked.


Gwent: The Witcher card game

Gwent the Witcher is a highly popular card game that’s recently been released to both Android and iOS users. The game has a simple methodology. In which a player must aim to get the best cards in a round of 3. While it’s a simple concept that attracts many people to the game, it also allows for a little strategy devising.

The story of the game involves two armies who are locked in a mortal struggle on a battlefield. The players act as the leaders and their cards are their forces as they battle it out.

As a game of choices and consequences, the Witcher offers a thrilling experience which has players gripping at the edge of their seats as they take risks and are forced to think on their feet. The question is who will be the last one on the battlefield of honour.

Card Thief

As one of the most thrilling card games out there currently. Card Thief is a game where players must sneak their way through a deck of cards while collecting treasure. Meanwhile, players must avoid detection by choosing wisely when to use their sneak cards.

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Some of the undercover activities include extinguishing torches, pickpocketing guards, and many other secret shenanigans. One of the best things about this mobile card game is that it only takes a couple of minutes to complete a game so it can easily be played while on the go.

The game also features different daily challenges which in turn enable you to upgrade your equipment cards, as well as pull of heists.

Evil Apples

Based on the highly popular card game – Cards Against Humanity, Evil Apples offers a mobile experience where players can enjoy the game online, at any time and in any place; even if they don’t have anyone else to play with.

The game features over 1,300 questions and 5,000 answers that involve quick wit and dark humour alike. Players can also enjoy multiplayer mode if they would rather play with friends or players against strangers if looking for a quick fix.

One of the most popular features that has really skyrocketed the mobile version of the card game to popularity is the ability to use wildcards with custom text. There’s also an in-app currency where players can opt to purchase expansion decks for even more entertainment.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

For fans of South Park, Phone Destroyer is the ultimate card game where players can create a deck of South Park characters and then battle with other players while creating your own spells and charms to catch your opponent out.

While similar to the game Cash Royale, Phone Destroyer offers a digital experience where players can lose themselves in the novelty of the South Park world. What’s even better is that there’s a single player mode for those that would rather play in solidarity.

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Overall, while traditional card games are still hugely popular today, mobile advancements have taken card games to a whole new interactive level. Only time will tell where technology will take card games next.

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