Tracks Norway's Eurovision success in Malmö for Gåte

Tracks Norway's Eurovision success in Malmö for Gåte

Last Saturday, Gåte escaped with a narrow win in the Melodi Grand Prix, just 6 points ahead of Keiino. Now, the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest is hoping to make a name for itself in Europe.

they have Climbing the oddsComment fields are filled with accolades and experts are predicting success. Even the Swedes look positively at the Norwegian contribution, which is arguably rare!

victory: It is now clear who will represent Norway at Eurovision in May. Photos from NRK.
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Aftonbladet's Eurovision expert Torbjörn Ek believes Gåte is the right winner for the MGP.

– This could be dangerous. We still don't know what we in Sweden will vote for in the final, but Jat has anyway beaten all six artists who took part in the Melodifestivalen sub-competition on Saturday, he said after the results became clear on Saturday.

NRK: – No comment

Gåte and Norway will be on fire in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday, May 9. There they will compete for a place in the grand final on Saturday 11 May.

But if we are to believe the various comments during the final performance, it could look promising for Norway's chances.

Palestine: On stage during this year's MGP final in Trondheim, TIX appeared with the Palestinian flag drawn on his arm. Video: NRK
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“Potential winner! You said it first,” one user wrote.

“Norway is the winner, I can't explain how good this is. The language makes the song so much better too,” wrote a fan from Armenia.

“I wouldn't be surprised if this song wins the whole Eurovision award,” says a third user.

closing the door

closing the door

While a fourth writes:

“I think Norway will take a secret garden,” or “I think Norway will take a secret garden.”

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The Secret Garden with Rolf Lofland and Fionnuala Sherry won Norway 1995.

MGB 2024: KEiiNO didn't quite make it to the top during the MGP final in Trondheim on Saturday 3 February. Reporter/Video: Elise Violeta Ness Axnes
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“A very unique and wonderful performance. It's so fun to hear the Norwegian language at the Eurovision Song Contest again!” writes an ardent fan from Ireland.

The last time Norway made a contribution in Norwegian was in 2006.

In recent years, it has become popular to sing in your own language. In both 2022 and 2021, non-English speaking entries won. In 2021, the entries in the top three were in a language other than English.

- An advertising channel at peak times

– An advertising channel at peak times

Eurovision Norway's Johan Patrick Bredesen can tell Se og Hør that he too has confidence in the Norwegian's success in Malmö in May.

– I'm quite sure that we will finish in the top five, and I also think that this can be beneficial for us. Maybe we'll get Trondheim or Oslo in 2025?

He points out that Norway has risen straight to the top among users of MyEurovisionScoreboard, an app where fans can rate ESC's contribution for the year and award them points. In addition, as mentioned, Norway has increased its prospects and also received praise from the Swedes, who have a tradition of criticizing Norwegian ESC contributions.

My AI: One of the big talking points this year at the Melodi Grand Prix is ​​Erika Norwich and her robot. Who's hiding inside?
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The Ukrainian contribution later exceeded Norway's in the aforementioned application.

MGP/ESC enthusiast Anders Tangen also thinks so.

– Thanks to a number of contributions in recent years, Norway has gained character as a “party and fun” country in the Economic and Social Council. We presented popular festival and family entertainment without meeting professional juries. While this year we are showcasing original and complex music with a chorus that will tear people's hearts apart. We have seen at MGP that there is enough input from both the jury and the public. It bodes well for ESC.

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Swedish expert: - It could be dangerous

Swedish expert: – It could be dangerous

Tangen says Eurovision audiences love when countries use their culture.

In conclusion, Tangen believes that any victory lies in the hands of NRK.

-If we want to get the chance, NRK should use the opportunity to improve the stage show to give the song new momentum. We need to use LED displays, bring more life to the singer's outfit and better see the band members and their energy. If NRK wants to win, it will have to spend money on a proper elevator for the stage.

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