Traditional midsummer bonfire in Ålesund – NRK Møre and Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Traditional midsummer bonfire in Ålesund – NRK Møre and Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

At 02:15 police reported a full fire at Slinningsbålet in Alesund.

The bonfire is a traditional bonfire that set a world record in 2016 at over 47 meters.

The Sankthans bonfire is built ten to twelve meters high and burns 44 days in advance, NTB writes.

In Ålesund, traditional cremation is in full swing, police are investigating.

Crews behind the fire believe it was caused by a small fire in the evening and don't suspect someone started it.

Many people help turn off

Møre og Romsdal 110 reported that firefighting operations were launched from two boats at sea.

The rescue agency helped with the fire in Ålesund.

Photo: Rescue Agency

Fire and rescue boats are working to prevent the fire from spreading.

They let the fire go out, operator Elin Birgit Sandnes at Møre og Romsdal 110 Central told NTB at 3.45am.

The fire became known through social media, TV shows and features.

A burning fire
Photo: Mia Sofie Ytreberg / NRK

Should have burned on June 22

There is also a committee responsible for construction work. First they have to start with the fire which is to be lit on June 22.

Fire crews have saved some climbing equipment and boards, Sunmarsbosten writes.

The police have started an investigation in this regard.

On a trip through the western Norwegian fjords and World Heritage area, Martin and Bill experience, among others, the Viking town of Gudvangen and the summer celebrations in Ålesund.

Will be a new fire

The bonfire managers tell VG that there will still be a bonfire for Midsummer.

In 2016, a world record of 47.4 meters was set for fire, and entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The tradition of bonfire is ancient and stretches back hundreds of years. At that time, there were several large midsummer bonfires around Ålesund, among other places.

The bonfire is usually built by 30-40 youths between the ages of 13 and 20.

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