Traffic, Selgestad | Is the speed in the Harstads tunnel reasonable and reasonable?

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Traffic rules are perhaps the only regulations that cannot be interpreted or misunderstood. He’s unmistakable and accident-free – as long as you follow and respect him.

There seems to be a general view that respecting regulations is closely linked to logic and reason – eg where speed limits and safety are weighed against each other. This assessment is the responsibility of the relevant authorities and must then be respected by the driver. However, in the event that there is a significant discrepancy in such an assessment between the “parties”, head shaking and rule-breaking often occur.

Is the speed in the Harstads tunnel reasonable and reasonable?

  • wide files
  • good overview
  • good lighting
  • No Pedestrians
  • Cycling is forbidden
  • Do not cross traffic
  • No blurred curves
  • No blind low sun

Thus, the motorist’s only requirement is to stay in place in his lane – the same requirement as elsewhere on the road network, regardless of speed.

As long as the relevant decision-making body sees logic and reason at a speed of 50 km/h in the tunnel, it may seem that they are reasonably alone. A reasonable and reasonable explanation is therefore required to be given to the understanding and respect of the common man—instead, the action is taken at a speed corrected to a reasonable and logical level.

thank you in advance.

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