Traitor, Viggo Finn | Viggo Finn on changing the “Traitor”: – It caused some problems for the production

Traitor, Viggo Finn |  Viggo Finn on changing the “Traitor”: – It caused some problems for the production

Clown and comedian Viggo Finn (34 years old) received great attention in both England and Norway, after winning the talent competition “Britain’s Got Talent” this summer.

From being a relatively unknown clown, he has now been on “everyone’s” lips for the past six months, and is currently involved as a participant in the audience favorite “Forræder” on TV 2.

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Now Finn reveals that while recording the TV show, his feature went around the world and became a huge hit.

It went viral during filming

When Nettavisen caught up with Venn in connection with the show’s press screening in September, he was able to reveal that he had come straight from an audition in England before checking in at Villa Midtåsen in Sandefjord, where “Forræder” was recorded.

– You’ve just gone to an audition for “Britain’s Got Talent,” but you don’t know if you’ll be on TV until it actually airs. On the second day of recording, a clip of me showing up where I took off my jacket appeared online, Finn said.

Watch Viggo Venn’s audition here:

According to Finn, there was a good atmosphere among the participants, and he was encouraged, among other things, to wear a reflective vest – which he used for the rest of the recording. However, changing the outfit will be a bit difficult.

-It caused some trouble for the production. The yellow jackets steal a lot of the camera’s focus. The production had a bit of a difficult task with color correction, and I don’t think the cameraman was too happy about it, so he laughed and continued:

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“I went in there as a bit of an unknown person, and almost none of the participants knew who I was, but suddenly there was a really good atmosphere and everyone cheered me on,” Finn said.

As the video spread around the world, interview requests and job offers flooded his inbox.

– He was completely crazy. My email was on the boil, and I had maybe fifteen minutes to review it during the day. It also took off on social media. “I joined Forræder with 2,000 followers and left with 40,000,” Finn said with a laugh.

However, Finn is happy because he was busy taping TV during the two weeks he had his big vacation. According to the jester from Kongsberg, this was a great way to internalize it and avoid success in his head.

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A new page appears

Although Finn’s success in the spotlight only lasted a short six months, we still know little about the “Clown of All Norway.” Finn deliberately tried to hide his true personality, which became difficult when he first appeared on the reality show.

– I think it’s the other side of me that comes out. My real identity has been hidden well, so I’m very nervous. “Here I am myself, and it is unusual that there is no audience there,” he said, referring to the “Traitor” recording.

Finn said he is used to being entertained from the stage and not watching himself on television. He admitted that it was a little embarrassing to see himself in the movie “The Traitor.”

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“I feel embarrassed to look at her. When I see her, I wonder who I am and I don’t understand anything,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

There was a collapse

Those who have watched “The Traitor” know that it is an intense and psychological game. According to Finn, all the participants were nervous and a little afraid of what might happen during the recording.

For Finn, the game turns upside down when, during the recording, he becomes obsessed with finding out who the traitor is.

– I’m crazy. It’s impossible to know who the traitor is, you make up stories in your head, but it’s impossible to know. There’s also the famous reality bubble. I started picking up all sorts of strange things, he said and continued:

– Suddenly I was caught by the fact that Michael was sitting with his hands a little awkward, or that Desta was sitting and tripping a little with his foot. You actually become a cow.

Without giving too much away, Finn can also reveal that he had a mini breakdown there and broke down in tears during the recording.

– I started crying, but I don’t know if it will be shown on TV. We sat in the car, and I also had to pee really bad, so I stopped the car and ran away. “While I was standing there urinating, I started crying and sobbing, but I didn’t understand why,” he said, laughing.

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