Transport Plan, Traffic | Transfer plan for the whole country

Transport Plan, Traffic |  Transfer plan for the whole country

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So we Is to succeed in creating value along the coast, not all the money can go to the national roads. The transportation plan for the whole country should prioritize the county roads and coastal infrastructure.

The government wants To pursue an active trade policy that will create activity across the country, and increase mainland exports by 50 percent until 2030. They cannot do this without an active transport policy. Good roads and coastal infrastructure are essential to both settlements and jobs along the coast.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Emphasizes the need to develop marine industries in order to provide sufficient food for the world’s population. At the same time, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development believes that 50 percent of the growth in the global economy through 2030 will come from the sea. This is good news for a country with a rich fishing tradition and the second longest coastline in the world.

but this It does not come by itself. To succeed in creating value from the sea, we also need access to the sea. It requires investment in transport vessels that move people and goods along the coast in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

in spring The government is introducing a new National Transport Plan (NTP). They have already announced that it will be a smaller plan than before, as there will be less room for large projects. But rather than think again, the government is using the same technical calculations and economic guidelines as a basis. This means that provincial and coastal roads continue to receive less priority in favor of large road projects in the central regions.

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Next The transportation plan applies for the period 2025-2036. It is a crucial decade in which we must achieve ambitious climate goals, facilitate green industries, and preserve settlements and jobs across the country. The NFKK therefore believes that the government’s follow-up to Hurdal’s platform and the Storting report “Good life in all of Norway – the region’s policy for the future” is normal. In order to do so, they must create a future-oriented transport plan for the entire country.

before First, the share of the transport plan going to the coast should be increased from a very modest 3 percent to at least 5 percent. Secondly, we need to redistribute from national highways to provincial roads, to ensure the maintenance of the road network that will serve value creation in the future. The proportion of the transportation plan that goes to provincial roads should be increased from 5 percent to at least 15 percent.

But that The most important thing is that the government sees the link between an active trade policy and an active transport policy. In coastal communities value for the future will be created. Then the investment in road, rail and sea transport must be made precisely there.

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