Triple Murder at Ness: — A woman very dignified and full of life

Triple Murder at Ness: — A woman very dignified and full of life

The youngest woman killed in Nes was active in the dog sports community: – She was very easy to please, always happy and outgoing, says Anett Nyborg (47).

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Until a year and a half ago, Nyborg ran the Arnes Dog Center, a fifteen-minute drive from the scene of the triple murder on Ness in Romerick.

The 24-year-old woman, who was found dead on Tuesday, rented a hall at the center for years for agility training with her Shetland sheepdog.

She was often pushed to train by her mother.

– I have known both of them for many years and they are very nice people. Easy to get to know, positive and sweet people, Anett Nyborg tells VG.

She moved on from Romerick and received news of his death the next day.

– I feel shocked. Throughout the day, thoughts turned to the underdog. It's so sad and incomprehensible, Nyborg says, that it's hard to take.

Mourning: Villagers light candles and lay flowers.

Four people were found dead when emergency services entered the house in Skogbygda in Nes on Tuesday.

A 65-year-old man has been charged For killing his daughters, aged 24 and 30, and the eldest's infant son, before taking his own life.

All those killed were shot dead. At a press conference Thursday afternoon, a dog was found shot at the home. It is not clear if it is a 24-year-old dog.

– Incredibly sad

The murders took place at the daughters' childhood home. The toddler's mother worked as a police officer, and the younger stepdaughter was a trained nurse.

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The next of kin have given a statement to the police.

– This is obviously a very serious and incredibly sad case, police inspector Great Lien Medlit in Oslo said on Wednesday.

SCENE: Four people found dead in this house in Skogbykta.

The youngest daughter at home entered the active environment in her youth and eventually competed at the highest level in Norway.

The game focuses on communication and cooperation between dog and dog handler. The matches take place on an obstacle course and must be completed within a short time.

– This is a game that dogs take great pleasure in. Nyborg says it's very rewarding to do something together that humans and dogs find so much fun.

– Likes the environment very much

She says it was always a pleasure to meet mother and daughter at competitions.

– Both were well-liked in the community and often pitched in to help run tournaments, Nyborg says.

The girl stopped doing agility training with her a few years ago.

– All lives are equally valuable. But it's all the more tragic when a woman who was so dignified and full of life dies, says Anett Nyborg.
VG has been in contact with another from active surroundings in Upper Romerick.

– She was a very sweet girl, sociable and very helpful. The active community in Norway has lost a good friend, says the person who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mayor: Tove Nyhus (Frp) in the municipality of Nes.

On Wednesday, Viji met Leanne (30), a classmate of the eldest of the growing sisters.

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– She was very kind and sociable. I will light a candle for her and her sister.

The Mayor of Nes Tove Nyhus (Frp) is having difficulty understanding what happened. The people of the area are shocked.

– The whole village feels a very hard and sad day.

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