Tromsø – One person taken to UNN after collision in NRK Troms and Finnmark

Tromsø – One person taken to UNN after collision in NRK Troms and Finnmark

Trams Police reported that a man was assaulted in Trams on Friday evening, just after 8pm.

The man has been taken to UNN.

The extent of the damage is unknown.

– But we consider it a serious accident, says operations manager Eirik Kileng.

Interrogation of driver and witnesses

All emergency services responded after the crash.

Operations chief Frode Lahelle said a person was hit by an electric vehicle. A car hit the man.

– We have a conversation with the driver, we talk to witnesses. What we do next depends on what they say.

Chief Operating Officer Frode Lahelle.

Photo: Eric Wakbo / NRK

Police are working on Friday evening to clarify the aftermath of the collision.

– How the accident happened is currently unknown. Before looking further into the sequence of events, we need to get statements from witnesses, he says.

Preservation of evidence

A witness reported the accident to the emergency services. The incident chief says it's too early to go out with the details witnesses have given police.

Evidence was secured at the scene.

– We carried out technical investigations on the site, says the head of the mission.

Police left shortly after 9 p.m.

An accident occurred on the municipal road. The road was closed but is now open to traffic.

03.05.2024, at 20.17

03.05.2024 at 21.48 hrs

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