Bjrn Dhlie, Tesla | The son’s father pressed Delhi

Bjrn Dhlie, Tesla |  The son's father pressed Delhi

The online newspaper was able to report last week that former Sky King Bjørn Dæhlie has earned NOK 16 million in investments in Tesla.

After investing NOK 11 million in Tesla shares last year, the share value has grown to NOK 27 million.

According to Finansavisen, it has now been revealed that his son Sander Dehli, 24, is pushing for a share purchase.

– There were long discussions about Tesla. I had to present good documents. He is not easy to convince, he says about negotiating with his father Newspaper.

On Wednesday, news came that Tesla shares had risen after one Great order Hertz from a car rental company. The car rental company has actually ordered 100,000 electric cars. 35 billion Norwegian kroner revenue equivalent to $ 4.2 billion in revenue for Tesla.

Finansavisen says the Dæhlie family’s stock values ​​are now NOK 38.5 million. Thus, the NOK has risen to more than 10 million in a week.

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Sander Dehley and his father reportedly bought Tesla shares gradually from less than $ 200 each, and did not stop until they stood at 4,490 shares at nearly $ 11 million.

At 20 Norwegian time on Monday, Tesla had a market value of more than $ 980 billion, a little over 8,200 billion Norwegian kroner. This is almost eleven times the value of Equinor, Norway’s most valuable company.

For most of Monday, Tesla magically surpassed $ 1000 billion, and then we talk about dollars.

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