True crime: Thomas kept a dark secret for 50 years

True crime: Thomas kept a dark secret for 50 years

American Thomas Rundle was known as a kind-hearted family man.

When he died of lung cancer at the age of 73, there was a long line outside with friends and acquaintances wanting to say goodbye.

What no one knew was that Thomas Rundle had a dark secret.

He’s kept it hidden since 1969.

have found: The discovery of a corpse in the waters of Holden in Stinkgear could solve a 39-year-old mystery. Reporter: Elias Cr. Saturn Petersen. Photo: Lars Lilby Macedo
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Wanted for life

According to the news agency, Randley was on the verge of death AP Make admission:

He was wanted for 50 years after one of the largest bank robberies in Cleveland’s history.

He said he robbed the bank, left the family, moved to Boston, and started a whole new life.

THUMB UP: A photo of Thomas Randelli at the entrance to the Open golf tournament at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in 2018. Photo: Bob Van Wert/AP
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Thought he was joking

In 1969, Thomas Rundle was called something completely different.

His name was Theodore Conrad, and his name was just Ted.

He got a job as a treasurer at the Society National Bank in Cleveland, and soon discovered several security holes in the bank.

— He said it was too easy for me to just take a walk with a lot of money, according to The Associated Press of best friend Russell Metcalf.

His buddies thought he was just joking.

Ted was not joking.

Ted Conrad escaped from this bank with huge sums of money.  Image: google

Ted Conrad escaped from this bank with huge sums of money. Image: google
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I wandered about with money

One Friday afternoon in July 1969, he walked out of the bank with a paper bag containing $215,000.

According to the Associated Press, this equates to 14 million crowns today.

He got on a plane with his pockets full of banknotes and he never looked back.

It was only the following Monday that the bank discovered that the money – and Ted Conrad – had been lost.

Wanted: News article from Honolulu Advertiser about bank robbery.  Photo: fax

Wanted: News article from Honolulu Advertiser about bank robbery. Photo: fax
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Busy landing on the moon

Since the bank robbery was discovered at the same time as the discovery of the historic Apollo 11 flight to the moon, it received little media attention.

While the whole world was busy landing on the moon, Ted Conrad lived happy days of life and traveled around the United States.

He kept writing letters to his girlfriend and telling him what to do.

cut off all contact

Ted Conrad was indicted and wanted across the United States.

Fearing to be revealed, he cut off any contact with his girlfriend, family and friends.

It was probably last seen in October 1969 in Hawaii, where a Cleveland couple were on vacation.

New life

In 1970, a man named Thomas Rundle suddenly appeared in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston is located more than a thousand miles from Cleveland.

At the time, according to the Associated Press, it was common practice to wait until you’re an adult before you get your ID number and card.

So it was not difficult for a bank thief to get a new ID card.

With a new ID, he can get a bank account and create a whole new life.

New Identity: Thomas Randall's Massachusetts ID card.  Photo: the police

New Identity: Thomas Randall’s Massachusetts ID card. Photo: the police
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met the wife

Ted Conrad, who has now changed his name to Thomas Randelli, took a job as an assistant coach at a golf course before starting out as a car salesman.

He met what later became his wife, Cathy, with whom he had a daughter.

When he developed lung cancer in 2020, there was nothing doctors could do for him.

On his deathbed, he told his family what he had done in 1969.

New York times He writes that the Randele survivors did not notify the police after admission.

revealed by obituary

Only when you read the police obituaryThey know who he really is.

It is not known how the police found the obituary, but it contained a number of details that revealed who he really was.

Revealed: Thomas Randelli's obituary contained many revealing details.  Photo: screenshot

Revealed: Thomas Randelli’s obituary contained many revealing details. Photo: screenshot
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The obituary stated that he was born on July 10, 1947, when in fact he was born on July 10, 1949.

His parents’ names were almost identical to their real names.

He also stated that he was born in Denver and attended New England College – which Ted Conrad did as well.

Police stated that survivors would not be prosecuted for not telling them the confession.

In November last year, the police sent issued a press release with the following address:

“One of America’s most wanted men has been recognized after 52 years.”

– It wasn’t about the money

Thomas Randelli’s friends are convinced that he did not rob the bank to raise money, but perhaps to impress him.

– It wasn’t about the money. He always tried to impress others. His best friend, Russell Metcalfe, says he was fearless.

Katie Randelli, widow of Thomas Randelli says Her husband was wonderful.

– I still grieve the loss of my husband, who was a wonderful man, as you say and refuse to comment on the matter further.

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