Turkey: 8 killed in wildfire – People rescued by boats



Severe wildfire in Mediterranean: Eight killed in Turkey

Fight the fire in Greece and Turkey

Fight the catastrophic fire in Greece and Turkey

Thousands of firefighters are battling wildfires in Greece and Turkey. A large number of people were brought safely to holiday resorts in southern Turkey.

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There have been numerous wildfires in Turkey. Dozens of places and hotels were evacuated and people were rescued by boat.

Berlin / Manavkot.

  • For six days, thousands of emergency services have been battling a severe wildfire in Turkey
  • The number of fires continues to rise: now a total of 129 fires are being talked about
  • At least eight people were killed and many more were injured, including a German

Thousands of firefighters are fighting in the south Turkey Many days against destruction Wildfire. The fire has been spreading in several provinces since Wednesday and there are several signs of arson. Most of the fires are now under control, but some are still causing concern to authorities.

Wildfires in Turkey: Residential areas and hotels evacuated

Among other things, the province has been affected Andalya. In Manavkat, several residential areas had to be evacuated as flames spread to homes. According to the NTV station, there were also evictions at Andalia’s resort. Two bodies were recovered there on Sunday. Number by Burned The dead rose to eight.

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It also broke into a popular seaside resort on Saturday, according to state news agency Anatolia போட்ரம் Another fire broke out in the Turkish Aegean Sea, residents and Vacationers Will be brought to safety. According to broadcaster CNN Turk, an entire neighborhood had to be evacuated. 540 people were brought safely to the boat as the roads could not be used.

Fire accidents continue to rise in Turkey

Wildfires are now on the rise in Turkey. Turkish Agriculture and Forests Minister Bekir Baktmirli spoke about the 112 fire on Sunday, but the number was corrected to 129 on Monday. 122 of them are under control.

For Turkey, it was the worst fire in a decade. According to officials, almost 95,000 hectares due to fire Destroyed. During the same period from 2008 to 2020 the average was only about 13,000 hectares.

Russia helps Turkey fight wildfires

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan In the meantime he thanked his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin For sending helicopters and firefighting aircraft. The Turkish leader was criticized in his home country after learning that Turkey does not have fire engines despite fires occurring every year. The European Union sent all three planes.

For days, firefighters have been battling this on the ground and in the air Fire. According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, five fire engines and 45 helicopters are operating and more than 20,000 emergency services are moving into the affected areas. Some help is coming from Ukraine and Russia.

Strong winds trigger wildfires in Turkey

Mainly due to the strong winds they designed Firefighting Extinguishing a difficult but at the same time unusually large number of fires is a major challenge for the authorities. Turkish Agriculture and Forests Minister Bekir Baghdemirli said on Friday that it was rare for multiple firefighting operations to be coordinated simultaneously.

The high number of fire accidents is causing controversy on the internet: there are speculations as to whether there could be a terrorist background. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the possibility was being explored. It was announced Friday that three people have been arrested in connection with the blaze.

The Germans describe the dramatic situation

A German who lives with his family மனவ்கட் Life, describes the dramatic situation in an interview with our editorial team. “The smoke is getting more and more intense,” he said Thursday. Ash and smoke fell from the sky. The floor is covered with a black layer. “It’s so bad and we hope nothing bad happens.” Nevertheless, they had already packed their suitcases. “The situation is scary. The whole sky is orange. I can’t predict how things will go this time.”

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A German vacationer informs our editorial board of the serious uncertainty. The family will often be in the hotel room as there is ash in the air. “We’ve in the middle of TUI Blue, we have no electricity. Helicopters are taking water in front of our beach to turn it off. Everything here is as dark as twilight. Let’s see what happens next.”

Citizens should be helped to put out the fire

Manawat Mayor Zakri Sozan also told CNN Dirk TV that there was a fire. Residential areas Infiltrated. “Many homes and workplaces were burned. It spread to the center of the depression.” Citizens were armed with water bottles and hoses to put out the fire, a DRT News reporter said.

Eight people According to Health Minister Bahretin Koka, so far they have been killed by fire. Hundreds were injured, according to civil defense. According to official reports, one of the injured was also injured German Condition. Demiren Heber Agency, a government-affiliated news agency, reported that a forest worker who had been lying unconscious on the roadside in Antalya had taken him to safety. The person sustained burns to his hands and face.

In the Manavkat region alone, 18 villages and settlements were evacuated. According to Agriculture Minister Baghdemirli, many people died in the fire animals, Both livestock and wildlife. Large agricultural areas have been destroyed.

Wildfires in Turkey: Central Foreign Office warning

That Foreign Office Be especially vigilant due to the large-scale wildfires in the provinces of Antalya, Mughal and Aydin. Before departure, passengers should find out about the current situation from the tour operator and follow the instructions of the hotel staff and on-site officials. In order to prevent further wildfires, access to forests has been banned in some parts of Turkey.

They were there last month Temperature In Turkey Record values Climbed: 49.1 degrees Celsius on July 20 in the Anatolian city of Cisre. Further heat is expected to continue: Temperatures of 40 degrees are expected in Antalya on Monday.

Wildfires are spreading to other southern European countries as a result of the current heat wave. According to the AFP news agency, Italy recently reported about 800 fires that had to be brought to safety by residents and tourists in Greece.

(fmg / dpa / AFP)

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