Two phones – then all the tracks stop

Two phones - then all the tracks stop

Two phone calls with his mobile phone to Norwegian numbers are the last two safe traces of missing Terje Johansen (61), who suddenly disappeared on the guarded military island of Muskö outside Stockholm on December 1 last year.

– The case remains a mystery, Stockholm Police crime inspector Lotta Theeny tells Dagbladet, more than five months after the mystery began about the man and the car from Nykirke in Horten.

Search this winter with dogs, police and locals on the frozen ground and in the holiday homes of the red winter island, and leave no trace.

According to the plan, exploration was to resume when winter and telecommunications were gone, and the trained dogs were receiving new olfactory impulses.

Mystery: No trace of Terry Johansen. Photo: private.
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waiting for dogs

We’re late because the best dogs are busy with other tasks. Crime inspector Lotta Thene said there would be a new search operation in Moscow without knowing when.

She works for the Stockholm Police Department for serious crimes.

Police still believe a murder may be behind the Terry mystery, although no one is suspected or arrested.

Among the confirmed facts in the case is that Terje Johansen drove alone from the Nekirk home in Horten early on the morning of November 30 last year in his newly acquired blue Isuzu minivan.

He had to drive about 1,900 km to Orvexand in the municipality of Skjerfoy in north Troms to take over and sign all the papers for a house he bought there, for 600,000 kroner in advance a few days before.

The agreement with the bank was ready.

He had to drive through the border crossing in Orge and take off north in Sweden from Groms Junction.

17,000 cash

Neighbor, tenant and co-worker Helge Martin Haugan was the man of order who wished Terje Johansen a good trip out of the yard at home.

He had 17,000 kronor in his wallet when he left. We talked about it because some of the money was a payment I gave him before I left. She told the police from the first moment, Haugen tells Dagbladet.

When the car was found stuck and abandoned in the Moscow terrain on December 2 – with one of the number plates torn off – Terje Johansen’s personal computer, bank card and wallet were left in the car. But no money.

Anyway, an abandoned car with an open fuel cap in the terrain – Muskö is off the beaten path with respect to the destination north of Troms.

Two witness testimonies and a phone tracker indicate that the car got stuck in the terrain in the late afternoon/early evening of December 1st.

Close and unknown woman

– The mobile phone was registered and used twice from Muskö at 17.28 this day. It was the penultimate conversation with a close relative in Norway. And the last one, before the cellphone went off, was of a woman in Norway who didn’t answer. The police spoke to the relative and the woman did not answer. She made it clear that it must have been a wrong call because she didn’t know anyone, Terry Johansen, says crime inspector Lotta Theme.

A guard at the military border post explained that the blue car stopped there during the same period with only one man – the driver.

It was Terry Johansson

– Request an address in the Canadian-controlled area of ​​Moscow. The guard does not remember the address, but says the man in the car seemed to be in good spirits. And the crime inspector says he is sure it was indeed Terry Johansen after seeing the photos afterward.

Mats Elfgren also describes the disappearance and the car as the mystery that “everyone” is talking about and now asks when cabin season begins.

We are just four or five permanent residents on 77 plots of land in the Canada region at the Naval Base. Another resident registered the foreign car with a person in the dark that afternoon. There are only 300 meters of road left. Elfgren tells Dagbladet that the car must have gone out into the terrain from where the road stops.

On the same date, December 1, at 17.45, someone cracked the error code twice to open a barrier in Canada. Then Terry Johansson’s car sped toward and through the barrier.

Elfgren, who commutes to work in Stockholm 80 kilometers each way, explains the car traffic in Muskö:

– The only way to the island is a three-kilometer-long tunnel from the ground. Outside the tunnel, there is a 15-kilometer road without a barrier. Then comes the gate of the military facility. We who live in the Canada region each have our own code to open the barrier here.

Completely incomprehensible

The police did not record Terje Johansen’s phone numbers or any other evidence that he had contacts on Muskö.

Neighbor Helge Martin Haugan believes the disappearance has become incomprehensible five months later.

– I talked to the relative about the latest phone. It was a perfectly normal conversation as the relative got the impression that Terry was getting close to goal in Troms. The theme was that he had to find a place to spend the night, says Haugan.

Not Completely Understood: Neighbor Helge Martin Haugan.  Photo: Øystein Andersen / Dagbladet.

Not Completely Understood: Neighbor Helge Martin Haugan. Photo: Øystein Andersen / Dagbladet.
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He himself last spoke with Terje Johansen a few hours ago – at night or in the early morning of December 1.

broken call

– Then I get the impression that he has a good direction towards the goal. But I was dumbfounded and still wondering what happened when I called Terje’s phone again on December 1st. The phone was taken, but then broke after he heard my voice at the other end. I never heard any sound or voices, Hogan says.

Jan Frode Johansen, head of investigations at Horten Police Station, told Dagbladet that he and his colleagues had received some inquiries about potential advice either directly or from Swedish police.

“We’ve been following this up, but so far nothing has come close to explaining what happened,” he said.

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