Two trucks involved in a traffic accident: – One is in a ditch

Two trucks involved in a traffic accident: - One is in a ditch

Following reports of slippery roads, National Highway Three was closed in Amote municipality in Inlandet after a traffic accident on Monday evening.

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Police in Inlandet initially announced a “very extensive damage scene” after a traffic accident involving two trucks on National Highway Three near the town of Aosta on Monday evening.

Police initially reported that three vehicle trains were involved, but later changed this to two.

Operations manager Haagen Løvseth tells VG at 23:00 that it was not a major accident and that two truck trains were involved.

– We have to come back to almost exactly what happened, but what we know is that one person is lying in a ditch and another is left on the road after the accident, he says.

Police say the latter truck had several flat tires.

– There are reports of three- and four-lorry trains that have crashed, but there is heavy traffic in the area in the evenings and these are probably driven only by passing lorries, he adds.

No one was injured in the accident.

Closed for a while

He writes that the crash site is nine kilometers south of the center of Rena Easterner.

– It will take some time to recover the cars, so the road will be closed for some time, Løvseth tells VG.

The warning was issued on Monday evening The risk of slippery roads increasesEspecially in eastern Norway.

Earlier in the day it was particularly challenging on the E6 at Svinesund, where a The trailer caused long queues throughout the day.

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