Here's proof Mayor Stur Pedersen isn't “short on miracles.”

Here's proof Mayor Stur Pedersen isn't “short on miracles.”

This week, Rødt politicians Mímir Kristjánsson (181 cm) and Sofie Marhaug (159 cm) are lovers, who are talking about tax evaders “Help, they're going to Switzerland!” Published the book.

In the episode dealing with Bø, a Norwegian tax haven in Vesterålen – where they have lowered property taxes to attract the rich – they recreate a meeting with Bø's mayor, Sture Pedersen (H).

«Pedersen wears a blue suit and is of small stature», they write in the book.

He responded to the allegations

Thursday Pedersen responded to the allegation in VG.

– I am not short in height. Nobody says that about me. told the newspaper.

Pedersen said he was probably 184 or 185 centimeters tall.

The mayor can also be measured by the technical manager of the municipality. 182. But photographic evidence is weak, see photo at right.

Here are some other photos of Mayor Stur Pedersen. One with the 184-centimeter Bjorn Dehli, Meyer appears distinctly shorter, and one with Erna Solberg (171 cm), Pedersen appears taller, but perhaps not by 11 centimeters.

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What is “short stature”?

– Can you document for us that you are 182 centimeters tall? Ask ABC Nyheter by email.

– VG needed a chart and that's what we sent to VG. “I don't have much, but I don't feel small because of my height,” Pedersen replied.

– Perhaps the ABC can explain the height of someone who is described as short in height, he asks.

– Hehe, it might be a bit short for people who are described as short in height, so you're unlikely to be there. Like Peter Stordalen at 171 centimetersWe respond.

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– What does it say under height in your passport? Or what were you measured for during the session?

Sture Pedersen asks us to call. He found something.

– I tried looking for the papers from the safe, but it goes back to 1975, so I can't find it. But I found the passport and it says 181. I didn't even know their height was in the passport.

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Admittedly, height can be a little “cheating” when measuring passports at the police, but ABC Nighter now thinks it's proven: Mayor Stur Pedersen is not “small in power”.

Being called “little friend”.

– The case has grown in size since VG ran it as a major case on Wednesday.

– Yes, people have started calling me “little friend”, laughs Pedersen.

He says he understood a little when Viji called him and said he was small. He had never heard of it before.

He now has hope of what ABC Nighter's journalist's explanation can do.

– You must not contribute to more people calling me little friend or little boy.

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