SP, H, FRP and Venstre form new county council in Nordland – Labor loses power for first time – NRK Nordland

SP, H, FRP and Venstre form new county council in Nordland – Labor loses power for first time – NRK Nordland

– We had good cooperation within the existing district council. But we see that the four of us standing here now have the potential to secure a ruling majority.

This is what the new incoming district council leader Svein Eggesvik (Sp) says at a press conference today in Bodø together with the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party and the FRP.

Since Nordland County Council formed its first county council in 1999, there has been a common denominator. Labor has always been in power in the traditional red district.

But even if App comes as the biggest party in the local elections, there will be a blue shift in Nordland too.

The Center Party switches sides and forms a majority with the Conservative Party, the Progressive Party and the Liberal Party.

This has been confirmed by Sven Egsvik, who tops the list for the Center Party, to NRK.

– This alliance marks the beginning of a new era in all of Nordland. It’s a blue-green transition, says Egesvik, a northerner who needs to notice.

Together, these four-leaf clovers would have 23 and 45 seats on the District Council, thus a majority.

Municipal Board in Nordland

Nordland has unconstrained seats in the municipal council. Seats are distributed as follows:

Ecgesvik is clear that giving him the post of District Council Chairman is important to the Center Party.

– We want to be as returnable as possible for our policy. Holding a high position in the District Council means that we can put forward the most centrist party policies possible.

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It was revealed on Thursday that the Center Party had held talks with capitalist parties in Nordland.

Svein Eggesvik (Sp), the current deputy chairman of the district council, knew then that finding a governing majority on the red-green side would be a challenge. Today, Eggesvik and co. In a position in the district council with the Labor Party, SV and KrF.

District Council Chairman shares the task

An unusual move in the new blue-green coalition in Nordland is that the Center Party and the Conservative Party will share the role of county council leader. Other parties also change roles along the way.

A pure District Council relay is set up.

New county council in Nordland. From left Bjørn Larsen (Frp), Marianne Dobak Kvensjø (H), Svein Øien Eggesvik (Sp) and Ida Gudding Johnsen (V).

Photo: Adrian Dahl Johansson / NRK

– I start as county council president for the first two years, and then Høyre and Marianne Dobak Kvensjø take over the job for the last two years of that term, Eggesvik tells NRK.

This is despite the Conservatives being the largest party in the new blue-green coalition with 11 representatives.

– A new era for Nordland

Marianne Dobak Kvensjø rejects that the Conservative Party has sold itself short on the new collaboration.

– This is the best solution. When we negotiate we must be honest that it is about give and take. All parties reached a compromise. At the same time, we are breaking the long-standing Labor dominance in Nordland. We believe this collaboration is the beginning of a new era that will take Nordland forward.

They will close the district council

The Progress Party gets the county council for planning and industry for the first two years, but shifts responsibility for transport from 2025.

Incoming county councilor for industry Bjørn Larsen (Frp) hopes that the residents of Nordland will notice that the Frp has a place.

He did not take it seriously when FRP said that the district council should be abolished today.

– Until the County Council decides that there should be a majority in the Storting, we must stay where the power is. The district municipality has, among other things, the responsibility for transport, which is very important to the progress party. Then it is important for us to have one hand on the wheel.

The Conservatives get county councils for transport for the first two years and education for the rest of the term.

The Central Party will be responsible for finance and organization throughout this period, and will take over the County Council for Planning and Industry for the last two years.

Throughout the term, the Liberal Party will be responsible for the Social and Climate Department. Incoming District Councilor Ida Gooding Johnson is pleased with that.

He is very confident that these four parties will be able to get cheap bus and speedboat tickets locally.

– This is at the top of our list. We feel there is a great desire to collaborate in moving Nordland forward.

County Council in Nordland

History: This county council is now history with Center Party, Labor Party, SV and KRF.

Photo: Nordland County Municipality

Consider abolishing the District Council system

After all, the county council will also consider whether to scrap the whole thing Parliamentarianism And again A leader model.

In practice, it means that one opens the door to demolish one’s own county council.

These are some of the promises for the new district council taken out of the cooperation agreement signed yesterday.

  • The district municipality should favor private initiatives and new forms of cooperation.
  • A flexible and decentralized study offer should provide good lifelong learning.
  • A cheaper and greener public transport service prepares us for the future. Districts should ensure alternative and flexible transport solutions.
  • We want to strengthen local self-government and revive district democracy. Let’s explore reintroducing the leader model.
  • We will work to increase renewable energy production in Nordland.

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