Industry Minister Jan Christian visits Vestre Rec Solar – NRK Sørlandet – local news, TV and radio

Industry Minister Jan Christian visits Vestre Rec Solar - NRK Sørlandet - local news, TV and radio

– It is important that companies act at their own expense and risk. If we change this balance too much, and taxpayers have to step up when it is most difficult, over time it will weaken the productivity and value creation of business in the country.

Industry Minister Jan Christian Westray (AP) made the announcement after a closed-door meeting with management, union representatives and employees at Rec Solar in Christiansund on Monday.

He did not bring a rescue package for the company but pointed out that the company’s contribution to the green transition was important.

The reason for the planned shutdown of production was, among others, high electricity prices.

Thursday came News that the company may close. The next day, the employees were sent a layoff notice.

A total of 250 jobs at the factories in Kristiansand and Porsgrunn.

Solar energy systems for homes, businesses and utilities are manufactured there.

Rec Solar Norway has a total of 250 employees in Kristiansand and Porsgrunn.

Photo: Hans-Erich Weiby / NRK

Stopped for 26 weeks

At first there was talk of a temporary or complete halt to production.

Now the project is on hold for 26 weeks.

According to A friend of the motherland Rec Solar Norway has a deficit of almost NOK 2.4 billion in 2021.

The electricity bill for July should have been NOK 60 million.

I said no fixed price contract on electricity

Written by Sunday A friend of the motherland This spring Rec Solar Norway was awarded favorable fixed price contracts for electricity from both Agder Energi and Statkraft.

The offer must have come from the initiative of the shop stewards at Industry Energy.

The Indian right rejected it.

It’s a ten-year contract and not cheap. CEO of Reg Solar said he would risk the company’s future for a quick solution John is a picker.

According to Fædrelandsvennen, the fixed price offer was between 50 and 60 øre per kilowatt hour.

Picker points out that he will continue to talk to Actor Energy.

If there’s a chance to find a price that’s acceptable and won’t match for ten years, there’s room to negotiate, he says.

Therefore, Rec Solar rejected the fixed price

Fixed pricing is another topic

For Vestre, it is also important today to get clarity on whether fixed prices are still an issue.

The most important thing for me is to make sure that Actor Energy is willing to sit down and negotiate on this. He says they have confirmed that today.

Westray also says work is underway to look at various support measures for business. They may be delivered in September.

He feels that it is sad that the layoff notices were issued to the employees of Rec Solar.

– I hope they are withdrawn and all employees can return to work. He says they are making a product that the world needs.

Watch an interview with Industry Minister John Christian Westre.

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