Two years brought huge severance pay

Two years brought huge severance pay

The Storting (talkblade): Before the summer, the Storting will consider whether the severance pay scheme for politicians should continue.

The arrangement was unusual in society: any politician who surrendered to Löwebakken could apply for severance pay. For 2023, this severance pay is NOK 700,000. Severance pay is given to politicians who say they will look for a job or study.

In addition, three months’ salary, known as resignation benefits, is approximately NOK 250,000.

Aase Simonsen (H) was one of those who received a year’s severance pay. The former mayor of Karmøy was a permanent deputy in the Storting from 24 January 2020 to 30 September 2021.

IN to doStorting was on summer vacation during these months.

The 66-year-old received NOK 700,000 for applying for the job

NOK 700,000

After months at Storting, Simonsen received full severance pay for a year of further education.

The 61-year-old tells Dogbladet that he needs new skills after his time in national politics.

– For my part, it was advantageous to return to working life after many years, he writes in an SMS to Dagbladet.

AASE and ERNA: Simonsen, from his time as Karmøy mayor, with conservative leader Erna Solberg.  Erna Solberg did not want to talk to Dogbladet about severance pay in Loewebakken.  Photo: Erlend Aus / NTP

AASE and ERNA: Simonsen, from his time as Karmøy mayor, with conservative leader Erna Solberg. Erna Solberg did not want to talk to Dogbladet about severance pay in Loewebakken. Photo: Erlend Aus / NTP
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In an SMS exchange with Dagbladet, Simonsen pointed to his time as mayor as part of why he wanted severance pay from Storting.

– He writes that since 2009 I have not held any other job except for political posts.

More than half got paid

More than half got paid

First day after retirement: New job

However, it is not the case that severance pay in Storting should be used to accommodate knowledge gaps created. Others Political positions outside the Storting.

Simonson was a part-time local politician while he pursued his education, and deducted this income against his pension. To date her severance pay is in accordance with the arrangements made by Storting.

Simonson’s severance pay extends to 31 December 2022. Two days later – 2 January 2023 – she was back at work.

The right-wing leader later took up an executive role in a company, where he also worked from 1989 to 2009.

- Now let's go!

– Now let’s go!

Moxnes: – It won’t work

Rødt and SV want to scrap the severance pay scheme in the Storting. They haven’t brought in other parties yet, but Dagbladet knows several parties are on the fence.

– Rødt chairman Bjørnar Moxnes tells Dagbladet that Aase Simonsen’s situation is another example of the severance pay scheme not working as planned.

– As it’s pretty well said, severance pay should go towards “upgrading skills” and “advancing previous careers”, but here’s a former mayor being paid 700,000 a year to replace the Conservatives. 20 months. It’s a resignation benefit at full salary for three months and rights we all have in the welfare state, Moxnes says.

The Rødt chairman points out that severance pay in the Storting contributes to the huge gap between the man on the street and the man in Løvebakken.

– 700,000 parachutes will not be available for ordinary people who stay in a job for 20 months, no matter how much they have to reinvent themselves in their old job. In that case, student loan and unemployment benefits apply. “I don’t understand why other rules should apply to high-level politicians, especially when you see what severance pay is used for,” Moxnes says.

The wage committee, which evaluated all proposals in the Storting, proposed to keep the severance pay, despite opposition from a minority of the committee.

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