Ukraine celebrated its “first partial victory” in the counterattack.

Ukraine celebrated its “first partial victory” in the counterattack.

The Ukrainian flag is raised over a bombed-out building in a small village in Donetsk Oblast.

Video from the 68th Brigade’s Facebook page.

Ukrainian forces said they had recaptured the village of Blagodny in southeastern Ukraine. The small village is located south of the city of Veluka Novosilka in Donetsk Oblast.

This is the first advance Ukraine has claimed success since the start of the counterattack this week.

Soldiers of the 68th Hunter Brigade hung the Ukrainian flag on the remains of a bombed house. After that, they posted a video of the incident on the general’s Facebook page.

– We are witnessing the first results of a counterattack with local results, said Valery Chershin, a spokesman for one of the Ukrainian military sectors on TV.

The 68th Fighter Brigade is present her Facebook page He wrote that, together with other Ukrainian forces, they had “liberated the village of Blagodny” in the Donetsk region. They add that the Russians “resisted to the end”, but “could not withstand the onslaught of the unstoppable wolves”.

The general claims to have captured several Russian soldiers.

– They write that the information we receive from them will contribute to the further removal of the occupation of Ukrainian lands.

Ukrainian soldiers hung the Ukrainian flag in what they said was the village of Blagodny.

The first real confirmation

This is the first time that the Ukrainians have mentioned that they have conquered something as a result of the counterattack. The day before, on Saturday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy went as far as ever to confirm that the counterattack had begun.

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It was a point for the Ukrainians not to reveal when or where they would attack. But several media outlets reported last week that their sources said the attack has been going on since last week.

However, military experts point out that preparations have been going on for a long time, and that in recent weeks Ukrainian forces have launched a number of attacks against Russian warehouses, supply lines and command centers.

However, there are many indications that Ukrainian forces are now launching heavy blows against the Russian defense lines along several forward sectors. Many advanced Western weapons were also used for the first time, including Leopard tanks.

Russia has built large fortifications on occupied territory to prevent Ukrainian counter-attacks, barriers that Ukrainian forces must pass through in order to advance.

The flag was hung in a building badly damaged by the war.

Ukraine has already lost

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that the Ukrainian offensive had begun. He claimed that the Ukrainians had failed to break through the Russian defensive lines and that the Ukrainians had suffered heavy losses.

Journalists have little opportunity to report independently from the front. This makes it difficult to confirm whether the warring parties’ report is correct.

But photos released from the front indicate that no less than two columns of Ukrainian tanks were surrounded.

The first column was discovered early on by Russian drones. Before they attack, they are hit by Russian artillery.

The second column was sent straight into a minefield without realizing it.

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