Ukraine, Russia | Russia promises an immediate cessation of the war – if the Ukrainians meet these requirements

Ukraine, Russia |  Russia promises an immediate cessation of the war - if the Ukrainians meet these requirements

“We are ready to end hostilities at any time if Ukraine meets the requirements,” said Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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If Ukraine takes a neutral stance, recognizing Crimea as Russian and recognizing the breakaway republics, Russia will stop the war, according to the Kremlin.

Russia’s demands include a halt to military action by Ukraine, a change in the constitution so that the country adheres to neutrality, and recognition of Crimea as Russian territory. In addition, Ukraine should recognize the two small Russian-backed breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent.

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Peskov says Ukraine understands Russia’s demands

Conversations are going on

The Belarusian News Agency reported that representatives from Ukraine and Russia are holding a third round of talks.

Talks on the Belarus-Poland border were scheduled to start at 3 p.m. Monday, according to Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Volodymyr Zelensky.

Belta posted a photo of the two countries’ delegations on Telegram. The state news agency adds that “humanitarian corridors to evacuate” the civilian population of Ukraine are on the agenda.

The two sides met twice before, but without being able to come to a solution to the conflict. Expectations that the third round of talks would yield some results were already low.

Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine twelve days ago.

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Michel spoke with Putin

On Monday, European Union President Charles Michel spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin called for the immediate cessation of hostilities and ensuring that people with humanitarian needs have safe passage and access to assistance. Emphasizing the need for safety in nuclear facilities. He agreed to maintain contact, writes Michel Twitter.

Michel wrote in another message on Twitter that he remains in close contact with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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