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Remember Fitbit Ionic

The model may have a battery problem.

Last week, it became apparent that Fitbit is doing a so-called “voluntary recall” of all of its Ionic smartwatches. The recall is due to the battery overheating and may cause the user to burn.

The Fitbit Ionic was the company’s first true smartwatch and was released in 2017, and we gave it a full 9.5/10 when we tested it.

Fitbit is now urging all Ionic owners to stop using the watch. The company also confirms that the issue applies only to Ionic devices and does not apply to other devices.

Moreover, users of this particular model can get a refund – whether the device is in daily use or not. This assumes that you first go through the registration process.

For Norway, the refund should be able to return the equivalent of $299, which is about 2,700 kroner. In addition, for a limited time, customers will receive a special 40 percent discount on other Fitbit devices and equipment.

If you have a Fitbit Ionic and want to take advantage of the refund option, you must first go to Fitbit help pages Just for that and fill out a form.

The company states that the standard processing time is three to six weeks from the time the refund form is filled out until the funds are transferred to the customer.

Unfortunately, Fitbit doesn’t have any undivided good news for those who are so pleased with the Ionic that they’d rather get a new one – this model has been discontinued in 2020.

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Fitbit Sense could be an alternative from the same manufacturer that came on the market in the same year.

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