Ukraine War: – Attacks on civilians were planned

Ukraine War: - Attacks on civilians were planned

In an interview with the American TV channel, News letters US security adviser Jake Sullivan says reports of attacks on civilians in Ukraine, particularly Potsja, are “tragic, cruel and shocking, but not surprising.”

Don’t be surprised: US Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the attacks on civilians in Ukraine are not surprising. Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP
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“Before the war broke out, we had intelligence indicating that it was a high-level plan in Russia to target attacks on civilians who opposed the invasion,” the security adviser said in the interview.

– Brutal acts of war

He further points out that some Russian forces may have acted out of sheer frustration without direct instructions from the Kremlin, but it is the Russian president who should be held accountable anyway.

– There may have been cases when some soldiers acted out of extreme frustration, because the Ukrainians were able to respond. The Russian soldiers were promised an easy victory and that they would be able to enter Kyiv without resistance, he says and adds:

When that didn’t happen, I think some troops may have carried out brutal hostilities without direct instructions from the higher echelons.

– Genocide

When British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv this weekend, he was clear about his opinion of Russia’s actions:

“I’m afraid that when you look at what happened in Botsja, it reveals that Putin’s actions in Ukraine are far from genocidal,” Johnson said.

When Zelensky himself was in Potsja earlier last week, he accused the Russians of strangling, torturing and killing civilians, calling these actions genocide.

British writes does not depend on.

The State Department usually waits for the outcome of the investigation before we finish, but let’s put the law aside for a while. I think we can all say these are mass atrocities. “These are war crimes,” Sullivan told ABC News.

Ukraine: Five bodies were found in a basement under a children’s hospital in Potsja, Ukraine, according to the country’s prosecuting authorities. Photo: Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office. Video: Reuters/AFP:
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Shocked the whole world

After the Russians failed in their attempt to seize Kyiv, they withdrew their forces from several areas around the Ukrainian capital. Potzga, like the rest of the Kyiv region, was declared liberated by Ukraine.

After that, the atrocities were revealed in Batsha, and the photos from the city were revealed Shocked the whole world.

340 bodies are said to have been exhumed from Botsja, and the Russians are accused of genocide after reports of targeted killings of civilians. Photos and videos from the streets of Butjá show dead civilians lying on the ground. Some of the dead have their hands tied behind their backs. Residents of the city said, among other things, that Russian forces shot civilians from a tank.

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