United States of America: – He was killed in an open street

United States of America: – He was killed in an open street

On Monday night, climate activist Ryan Carson, 32, and a woman were on their way home from a wedding.

Suddenly they were attacked by a wild stranger. Ryan Carson was killed at the scene.

Now the NYPD has launched a massive manhunt for the man, according to reports BBC.

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Surveillance photos show Carson and the woman, who has not been identified, at around 4 a.m. sitting at a bus stop in Brooklyn.

In the background, you see a young man in dark clothes walking around and kicking parked electric scooters.

Carson and the woman begin walking toward the man, confronting him.

According to the police, he started shouting obscenities at them.

Involved: Ryan Carson was a climate activist and poet. Photo: Bulletin
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“Unmotivated, cruel and murderous”

NYPD Chief of Investigations Joseph Kenney recounts what happened next:

Carson stands between the man and his companion to protect her.

He says Carson tried to defuse the situation, but was instead subjected to what Kenney described as an “unprovoked cruel and fatal attack.”

The suspected perpetrator stabbed Carson three times. Police said one of the stab wounds went straight through his heart.

The Internet is boiling: - Terrified

The Internet is boiling: – Terrified

Spit in the face

Ryan Carson died at the scene.

– As Carson lay dying on the sidewalk, the man knifed him in the chest, threatened to stab his companion, and spat in her face, Detective Kenny says.

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No Mercy

The police have now launched a massive manhunt for the perpetrator.

New York Mayor Eric Adams stated that police would work “tirelessly” until he was arrested.

Police have not yet announced information about the identity of the suspect.

According to local media, the young man is supposed to be 18 years old and was previously known to the police.

Taken on peaches in the parking lot

Taken on peaches in the parking lot

help others

Ryan Carson has lived in New York for 13 years. For almost as long, he has worked on campaigns for the Public Interest Research Group in New York, which works for a better environment.

He was also the founder of the No OD NY campaign, which aims to reduce the number of overdoses in New York.

“He worked tirelessly for everyone, and his generous spirit was a lifeline to everyone,” New York Mayor Erica Adams wrote on X/Twitter.

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