Fencing of Shanghai residents to reduce infection – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Fencing of Shanghai residents to reduce infection - NRK Urix - Foreign news and documentaries

The million dollar city of Shanghai is in full swing. The Omikron variant has created the most difficult situation in the country since the outbreak of corona in Wuhan in 2020.

For nearly a month, the streets in China’s largest city have been empty – except for infected workers in white who are now blocking apartment buildings and streets where the infection has been recorded.

According to Reuters, green fences two meters high are being built around the city to prevent people from going outside to further spread the virus.

As long as one person is injured in an apartment building, this should be enough to put up a fence on the entire property.

– This is disrespectful to people who live in buildings. Metal fences are used to keep people indoors like animals, writes a person on the Webio platform.

Unlike most other countries in the world, China has zero tolerance for coronary heart disease.

This includes very strict measures to beat the outbreak, which now makes Shanghai residents protest against the harsh conditions.

Trapped in: a house was fenced off by the authorities, where coronary heart disease was recorded.

Photo: Jacqueline Wong/Reuters

The fight for viral video

China’s economic capital is now suffering heavy losses, with most of the 25 million people ordered to stay at home until the infection is brought under control.

At the same time as contagion increases, so do the problems of disadvantages of measures.

Many have difficulty accessing food and health care. In addition, families have been divided, many have lost their jobs, and officials can force citizens to self-quarantine.

Dissatisfaction gathered many residents on the Internet.

This week, a six-minute video was released, along with a technical drone video, showing residents’ protests and lockdown challenges.

according to BBC Chinese authorities tried to block the video, but that was easier said than done.

For a short while, it might seem that the residents themselves were the ones who controlled the network that was heavily censored. Once the video was removed, netizens responded by re-uploading it.

The video was called “April Sounds”.

– I don’t have water to drink. Are there still stores in Shanghai? He asks for one in the video.

Others say they have been without food for days.

– Send us shipments! Send us shipments! Another says.

In addition to this, she has made videos like “Do You Hear People Sing?” Les Miserables, a protest song for Les Miserables, was a huge hit on the Chinese network.

According to Reuters, it got more than 90 million comments on the Chinese app WeChat on Saturday.

Shanghai health workers.

Get on the streets: health workers at work on the streets of Shanghai.

Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP

He thinks lockdown kills more than the virus

On Friday, more than 20,000 infected people were registered in Shanghai. A jump from just over 15,000 cases from the day before.

Danish Dr They spoke to many of the city’s residents.

– The world should know about Shanghai. Shanghai is protesting against mishandling, and people here no longer believe in zero tolerance for contagion in Corona’s policies, Meng told Media House, who does not want to use his full name.

Shanghai Jing'an District Building

CLOSED: Light from apartments in Shanghai’s Jing’an district, where most people are required to stay home.

Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP

After the city was closed for nearly 30 days, 39 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus.

China has largely managed to get infections under control after the lockdown in 2020.

But with the new omikron variant that is more contagious and less deadly, it’s hard to get residents on the team, says Tao — another Shanghai resident.

The lockdown is killing more people and creating more health problems than the virus itself. Not to mention the mental problems that plague all of us, who just can’t lead a normal life, he tells Dr.

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