Cruz’s driverless car had to be lifted away from pedestrians

Cruz’s driverless car had to be lifted away from pedestrians

A self-driving car belonging to General Motors’ Cruise had to be lifted after it struck a pedestrian in San Francisco, MarketWatch reports.

On Monday, a driverless Cruze reportedly pulled over on top of a woman who had earlier been hit by another car, and her driver fled, throwing him into the lane where the Cruze was traveling.

According to the Wall Street Journal, rescuers had to lift the car off the woman, who was said to have suffered some serious injuries and was taken to the hospital. San Francisco Police confirm that Cruz is cooperating with the investigation.

In the wake of the incident, shares of General Motors, which is also suffering from a strike that is costing it $12.5 million a day, fell slightly.

In August, Cruz was given the opportunity to operate driverless taxi services around the clock. But after an accident that same month, the company was required to cut half of its active fleet of self-driving taxis after one of its vehicles collided with a fire truck in San Francisco.

Until the investigation is completed and the company takes corrective action to improve road safety, Cruise will not be allowed to operate more than 50 self-driving vehicles during the day and 150 at night.

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