Updated: Now we know the date

Updated: Now we know the date

iOS 17.1 beta 3 is available to testers and there are many great improvements to be found in the 17.1 update and some important bug fixes.

First published October 11, 2023.

Updated October 13 at 7:43 p.m.:

The French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) revealed that iOS 17.1 will be released on October 24. The reason the French authorities revealed the date was due to the high radiation values ​​of the iPhone 12 in the country, which ended with Apple issuing an iOS update.

Stops ghost printing

One of the biggest improvements in the update, which could come as early as November, is that the action button isn’t accidentally activated if your mobile phone is in your pocket, or if the device in other ways thinks the button isn’t actually intended to be pressed. Fortunately, fairly strong compression is needed, but this way you are guaranteed not to record hours of 4K video.

There are also other features with update 17.1 which is the biggest since the launch of iOS 17 last month. One of the biggest news revelations is that you’re adding music you “like” to Apple Music in the library and improving recommendations, as it’s only done the latter so far. Mao. Will it work like spotify.

A less obvious feature is the ability to add some color to your playlists, as you can choose from eight different styles.

It doesn’t work quite as it should

There is also an important fix to be found: iPhone 15 models can stop charging at 80 percent to preserve battery health, but with iOS 17, the operating system can exceed the specified limit. This has been corrected in version 17.1 as well as message search.

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AirDrop with Internet is another feature we mentioned earlier of things that Apple failed to implement in version 17.0. This feature is in the new beta version. What’s out of place is the diary app. There are hints in the code, but now we wouldn’t be surprised if the new app isn’t available on iOS 17.2, since we already got beta 3.

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