Updated: OnePlus tells ITavisen that it is not banned in Norway

Updated: OnePlus tells ITavisen that it is not banned in Norway

OnePlus and Oppo phones can no longer be sold in Germany.

Updated, 19:16:

OnePlus says in a letter to ITavisen that no other countries in Europe, including Norway, are affected by the decision in Germany:

“The court’s decision applies only to the sale and marketing of certain products in Germany. Neither Norway nor the rest of Europe will be affected by the decision.”

Nokia did not pay

The reason is that the court found that OnePlus, which is owned by Oppo owned in turn by BBK Electronics, had not paid Nokia a license to use 5G technology.

Oppo tried to appeal the case, but did not win. Existing owners will still receive support for their mobile phones.

The decision is not limited to Germany

The question now is whether this will also affect other countries, such as Norway, or whether Nokia and the company will reach an agreement in time. This is probably the only possibility to avoid sales being halted in other European countries as well.

There is still little information to confirm one or the other, but it can happen.

On the German website of Oppo, the company has the following message:

“Product information is not currently available on our website.”

“Can I continue to use OPPO products without restrictions, access support and receive future updates?” , reads, the answer is: “Yes, you can continue to use your OPPO products without restrictions, access support and of course you will also receive all future updates.”

There is no similar message on the OnePlus website, but the store buttons are gone.

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