US warns Nvidia against selling RTX 4090

US warns Nvidia against selling RTX 4090

Nvidia has it In reality The RTX 4090 is not allowed to be sold to China, resulting in exorbitant prices of up to NOK 40,000 for cards that sell for half the price here at home.

We’ve designed three new AI chips

The reason is the export ban imposed by the United States of America on the country because the card is faster than the specified limit, and therefore can be used for research and artificial intelligence. But what if Nvidia throttles certain features, or reduces the performance the cards can deliver? According to Fortune, Nvidia has designed three new AI chips for the Chinese market.

One of the cards will be named RTX 4090D. American politicians have heard about these plans, and are already warning of “confusion” over the wall.

“I know they’re mad at me”

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says they will stop what Nvidia is thinking “the next day”, and that the country cannot allow China to out-design chips. “I know there are chip company CEOs who are angry with me because they are losing sales. That’s how life is. Protecting national security interests is more important than turnover in the short term.

“Raimondo said U.S. companies will have to adapt to U.S. national security priorities, including export controls her department has imposed on semiconductor exports,” Fortune wrote.

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