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GORDON SETTER: Myra is a 15-year-old woman who disappeared from her home in Tomteråsen on Saturday night. Photo: private

15-year-old dog Mira disappeared from her home on Saturday evening. Since then, there have been significant searches.

Mira is a 15-year-old setter Gordon. She has a bad and deaf hip. Saturday night, around 10 p.m., she ran away from her home in Tomteråsen, but she is never inclined to go far.

– Don’t be tempted to run away. Sometimes she walks along the walkway under our house, but not again, says owner Jan-Eigel Holland.

Since Saturday, they have received help from several neighbors and from Rømlingen, a voluntary national organization that helps with assistance and equipment when dogs are lost. They helped with both drones, heat-seeking cameras, and tracking dogs.

maybe injured

Høglund says the Myra pass may have walked, and ends at Damlivegen in Tomteråsen.

Those who were here with the tracking dogs from Remlingen, took the scent from the blankets of Mira inside the kennel, and followed the tracks all the way to Damlivegen, but after that they could not find any other traces.

15 years old: Mira turned 15, she is deaf. She never tends to run away from home. Photo: private

Mira was released at 10 p.m. on Saturday, when Hollande’s son returned home. She was allowed to walk around the garden after she had been standing in the kennel all day.

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– Now Rømlingen is driving with drones and everything down the entire hill. We used the heat cameras and went to Manngard, but we couldn’t find the dog, says Høglund.

It is suspected that Mira may have been infected in Damelvegen. Since they find no trace of the dog, they wonder if she was beaten, thrown away and thrown elsewhere.

– She is not alive here, because she will come home again. Hoglund says it’s very popular here.

Between 30 and 40 hours

Holland says he appreciates Rommingen’s work.

– They did a great job, they probably spent 30-40 hours here. On Sundays, they went to 1:30 at night with heat-seeking cameras to search for it, with drones and three tracking dogs, Holland says.

He says that all the support they have received is so wonderful, both from the neighbors and from Remlingen.

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– The ones in Rommlingen are absolutely wonderful. There is nothing else to say. Høglund says they are determined to create more crew and start researching again.

At first, Høglund’s son owned Mira, but while the son was studying, she lived with her parents. Holland says the family thinks the incident is sad and they take it seriously.

– My son takes it very seriously, because he was at home when it happened. I was in Grimstad to pick up a puppy at the time, says Høglund.

no one to blame

Although the incident is very sad, Høglund stresses that they are not angry or upset with anyone.

Sad: The family thinks it’s sad that they haven’t been able to find Mira. Photo: private

– What I’m thinking is that there was probably someone with a very bad conscience, and he panicked. But if someone knows something, or someone has ridden the dog, they can leave an anonymous note in the mailbox.

Høglund doesn’t need to know who he is, only the dog is there, until they can find Mira again.

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We don’t blame anyone, because accidents can happen, and people can panic.

I’m running out of tracks

The fugitive, his family and neighbors have done a lot to find Mira. They went from door to door in the neighborhood to hear if anyone had seen anything. Høglund says three cars were spotted in the neighborhood at the time Mira went missing, and it was good to call them.

“Soon after Mira ran away from the house, the neighbor must have heard a car that had stopped, that someone had been cursing badly, and soon after, he got a phone call,” Holland says.

He was hoping to call the person the neighbor had heard, but he knew nothing about the car.

They recorded that the dog was missing, and were in contact with the police. Holland asked if it was possible to trace the conversation that took place in the neighborhood that evening, but it was not. The tracks started running out.

– What was good to know now was if anyone had driven to Hvamcitra between ten and eleven on Saturday night, who had seen some cars. If it was dumped somewhere, says Høglund, it is reasonable to believe that it might have been dumped there.

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He hopes to get information about the dog’s whereabouts, so they can start looking elsewhere.

The only thing we want is to know where Mira is, says Hoglund.

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