June 10, 2023


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Victor Hovland co-driving at the PGA Championship

You could smile: Victor Hoveland after birdie on the 18th hole on Friday.

Norwegian golfer Viktor Hovland (25) plays a big role in the second major of the season, fully engaged in the battle for the top prize of just over NOK 27 million.


The Norwegian was scoring after the first round in Oak Hill in upstate New York, and was two strikes on par when play resumed on Friday.

The 25-year-old, who declared “boring golf,” knocked out the first blocks with it birdbirdBirdie is one stroke below par for the slot. Par is the expected number of strokes the player will use on the hole. in the first two holes.

In total there were four single sparrows ghost ghost Boogie is one hit at the foot of the hole. Par is the expected number of strokes the player will use on the hole.and 13 pairs for Hovland, who thus shares the lead with world runners-up Scotty Scheffler and Corey Conners (ranking No. 29). Hovland is currently ranked No. 11 in the world.

The triple is a total of five shots par, as three of the eight players are under halfway through the tournament.

– These are the tournaments you dream of winning, and you train hard to participate in. It’s nice to have a chance, but at the same time there are plenty of golf courses left to play. We’re only halfway there, and a lot can happen, Hofland says of the tournament website.

After getting into trouble on the 11th hole, Hovland persevered with this shot:

The PGA Championship is the second of the year Grand ChampionshipGrand ChampionshipThe Masters tournaments, the PGA Championship, the US Open, and the four most popular golf tournaments each year are called the Grand Championships.In April, Hovland finished 7th at The Masters. His best finish in a major league is a joint fourth.

Admittedly, it is not just Hoveland golf that attracts attention. During his Masters, he receives a lot of attention for the outfit he chooses on the first day, which is a pink flowery T-shirt. This weekend it was orange, and the Norwegian had to answer himself again.

– I often wear gray and black, says the Norwegian Golf Digest.

So what’s the deal with golf shirts?

– J. Lindeberg gives me clothes and pays me to wear them. So I just bring in and use whatever they want me to use.

The tournament runs on Saturday and Sunday, and is broadcast on Fiaplay. On Saturday, Hovland plays Justin Suh. It kicks off at 8:40 p.m.


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