Victor Suttberg reveals new project after ‘FlippKlipp’ exit – VG

Victor Suttberg reveals new project after 'FlippKlipp' exit - VG
Reveals: Victor Suttberg finished FlippKlipp, here he tells us about his new project with Odin Helgheim (left): a cartoon about games.

Victor Suttberg (30 years old) became the author of a comic book.


Together with cartoonist and Instagram designer Odin Helgheim (26), Sotberg will now enter a new world – a separate cartoon world where the reality of games plays as big a role in children’s lives as the real world.

With themselves as the main characters, the two will make at least three comic books – and the name is:

– Edelmot! Edelmot!

The nearest two shout it out. Finally, they could reveal what they had been doing for a while.

It’s strange to hear someone say that out loud. For a long time it was just a business title, Victor Suttberg tells VG, but now it’s surprisingly real.

Shouting: Edelmot, screams Odin Helgheim and Victor Sotberg when VG meet at a café to talk about their new project.

Just a week ago he told fans he did it Join NRK FlippKlipp – Where he has worked and entertained children for more than four years – and achieved a huge celebrity status among children and youth:

– My children love you and are very sorry that you quit, says the man who came to our table.

And two little girls want to take selfies.

Yes, I know that many are sad and sad. But my followers are amazing, smart and optimistic, so they understand that I need to move on. FlippKlipp under NRK Super, and I’m starting to feel the limitations it offers. I’m turning 30 and I need to stretch out a bit and do more mature things, says Victor.

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– He says some of those who followed me on FlippKlipp are also getting too big, so I have to grow with my followers somehow.

In a video he posted himself YouTube channel About FlippKlipp’s exit hinted that exciting new things will happen soon.

“Nobility” is one of those things.

EDELMOT DRAWINGS: Here is the new Edelmot project by Odin Helgheim and Victor Sotberg. Helgheim notes that these are sketches for the covers of the first two books in the series.

– Yes, that’s what I will do now. At the same time I will be the host of “All against 1” and will be posting more content on YouTube. And maybe there’s something more to it, too, but I can’t say anything about that right now, he says.

“Edelmot” is a story that has grown in Victor since he went to school.

– It’s about young people who deal with everything and everything that is difficult you faced in high school. Only that our main characters deal with this through gameplay. They do not have as many friends as usual, but through games they can live their second life.

– You understand?

Victor looks at his new partner, Odin Helgeheim. The cartoonist and illustrator who’s already a hit with his Ragnarok book series – which won the Ark Children’s Book Award in 2020 – has over 180,000 followers on Instagram.

Nominated for an award: Auden Helgeheim (right) was also nominated for the Ministry of Culture’s Children and Youth Book Award for two books: the “Ragnarok” series and a book about Tex he painted.

– When I explained all this to Odin, I thought it sounded like mere gossip – and I was afraid he would think I was crazy.

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– She was not gossip – on the contrary! Although I am very busy with my own cartoons, I immediately thought this was something I wanted to draw, says Auden.

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The two followed each other on Instagram for a few years when Victor came up with the idea for the book.

– I loved the way he takes this gameplay seriously, and at the same time it’s a classic story about “coming of age” – with all that goes with it. We meet young people who struggle to grow and with themselves, but in the gaming world they can feel special, daily joy, friendship and even be heroes, says Odin.

The story is inspired by Victor Sutberg’s middle school years – where he was far from the protagonist.

Quite in his own life: Victor Sutberg felt small and awkward in middle school, but gradually had to show many sides of himself: everything from FlippKlipp to “Skal vi danse” (pictured) and “71 degrees N” to “Maskorama”.

– I didn’t have many friends in middle school, sad to say, but I felt like the characters in the game world were my friends. There I can disappear and be the hero, feeling strong, calm and privileged. Something I did not feel in everyday life.

– Because as usual I felt small, awkward and boring, says Victor.

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Odin and Victor believe that games and games are underappreciated.

Games play a huge role in people’s lives. Odin says it’s an important social arena where you can talk to friends, meet people and do great things.

Two of the characters in Edelmot are Odin and Victor.

BEST FRIENDS: At first, they only followed each other on Instagram, but now they’re best friends on Snap and they connect with IRL and are so excited to create “Edelmot” together.

– It says a little about the passion we feel for the project. Victorian readers of the book are pretty much faced with me – as I was in middle school. Through thick and thin, Victor says.

For the painter Odin, this opens up new possibilities.

– I would say it’s unique to put yourself like that in a cartoon. These won’t be ordinary black and white letters, but they provide plenty of room to create depth and dynamism.

Egmont Publishing House, which is also behind The Malin Walsh cartoon hit “The Aurora Borealis”Describe Edelmot as “something completely new that will broaden the genre and create great interaction with readers.”

They have planned three books, but already have ideas for more, and are looking into the possibility of making a movie.

BETS: Photographer Odin Helgeheim (left) and comic book author Victor Suttberg now have big ambitions for the comics they make together.
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