Viking Ship, Bergen | Viking shipwreck: – Something is not right here

Viking Ship, Bergen |  Viking shipwreck: – Something is not right here

(Berkensavisen) – I got a phone call and it went overboard. It’s only four meters deep, so it couldn’t have sunk that far, says Egil Sunde, general manager of the Bergen Beach Cultural Center.

It was P.T He was the first to report this.

According to Sunde, the vessel floated at 8 pm on Wednesday.

– Sunday tells PA that Wednesday evening was good.

– Rita Grotte says something is not right here.

He is the executive director of the Bergen Beach Cultural Center and says he was the person from the Bergen Skills and Learning Environment who discovered the shipwreck this morning.

– We are not very sure what caused the boat to sink. When we arrived at 0800 there was no electricity, but for that reason the Viking ship will not sink.

Loose parts of the ship have also floated around the Byfjord in the past. According to Grøtte, they had good help in removing this.

– Sabotage cannot be ruled out

At the docks, BA meets museum technician Roar Mørkset, who finds this very mysterious. He points out a camera on top of the museum, which could explain the mystery

– We cannot rule out vandalism.

He was last seen there at 2300 pm on Wednesday. Then the Viking ship lay well in the cave.

– I hope the boat is picked up when it is salvaged, and that the historic vessel is not finished.

– So sad

Tomas Ervik is the captain of the Viking team Håkon Håkonsson. He says video surveillance shows the ship was afloat well past 01:00 last night. When I turned the camera back on at 05, it was submerged.

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– This is very sad. Erwig says we don’t know what happened and don’t want to speculate about it until we find out and investigate.

“Haakon Haakonsen” is a 50-foot scale replica of the Kokstad ship, built for Trondheim’s Millennium Anniversary celebrations.

— This is a stout vessel, with which we have been on voyages to Ireland and Shetland. We have never had any problems before.

The ship is usually used by the Viking Rescue Club for tours to Norway. Also rented out for events. Within two weeks, the ship was hauled ashore for the winter. Now, instead, you have to save what you can save.

Police are awaiting investigation

Grotte, of the Bergen Coastal Cultural Center, says she contacted the police. Due to the possibility of spillage and contamination, the police have also informed the municipality and the fire department.

– We haven’t done any investigation yet, but we’ve asked them to contact us if they can’t find a natural explanation. For now, there is nothing to indicate it is a police matter, says Jørgen Omedal, operations manager from the Western Police District.

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