Volvo’s best year here at home since 1985

Volvo's best year here at home since 1985

2021 will be a very good year for new car sales in Norway. If December sales maintain the same pace as in previous months, we are set to have the highest sales of new cars ever. Old record from 1986.

Volvo is one of the brands that offers the best. During a digital event with the press this week, a license plate importer confirmed about 13,500 new cars registered this year. Sales are up 65 percent compared to last year.

Consequently, 2021 will also be Volvo’s best year in the modern era and the second best year in history. 1985 alone was better, when Volvo ended up with more than 14,700 cars.

Diesel sales are down

This record could have been broken if Volvo had taken delivery of more cars this year. They also say they had a record year in new car orders this year. This means that many have ordered this year, but won’t get their car until next year. Here there is a special waiting time for electric cars.

And just to stop them: Volvo has passed 4,800 registered copies of the XC40 and electric C40, which are just beginning to arrive in the country. They estimate that the number of electric cars this year will end with 5,000 copies.

If we look at Volvo’s total sales, the drive line mix has changed a lot in recent years. We wouldn’t go back very far in time before diesels were also dominant at Volvo. This year, diesel cars have almost completely disappeared. Instead, it’s a plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle.

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Turns fast: Volvo diesel sales increased sharply in 2019

The second generation XC90 was immediately a hit for Volvo when it arrived in 2014. Initially, a diesel engine was the all-natural choice for this engine.

More than 50,000 cost

Already next year, Volvo will stop selling diesel cars in Norway. That is: except for a small one. The importer has a long-term agreement with the police to deliver official copies of the V90 Cross Country station wagon with a diesel engine, also taking effect next year. While the little brother, the V60 Cross Country, disappears from the product mix altogether.

Incidentally, the rechargeable hybrid version of the XC40 is also coming out. Volvo’s smallest SUV was a hit here at home and sold very well as last year’s rechargeable hybrid.

Until next year, new taxes will make the car more expensive than 50,000 kroner. In addition, Volvo sees the vast majority of customers now choosing the all-electric version. Therefore, they chose to drop the rechargeable XC40 from the new year.

This is the car not made by Volvo

The rechargeable XC40 was launched on the market in 2019, and now it is already out in Norway.

The rechargeable XC40 was launched on the market in 2019, and now it is already out in Norway.

Volvo Impla?

When someone disappears, new people also come. Volvo has confirmed that it will create a new electric car every year until 2025. Next year, it will show an all-new, all-electric XC90, which won’t actually be called the XC90, but instead will have a more humane name. “Embla” and “Assar” are among the names Volvo is expected to use here.

We also know there will be a grooved SUV/crossover under the XC40. Then Volvo’s third new electric car appears to be an all-electric version of today’s XC60, and it will also be renamed.

What would have been an important ‘Norwegian model’ has been dropped

Video: We’ll likely see a lot more of this in the electric XC90

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