Weather, Bergen | A break from grey:- Jupiter will be a bright spot

Weather, Bergen |  A break from grey:- Jupiter will be a bright spot

38.8 millimeters of rain was reported in Florida between 1200 Tuesday and 1200 Wednesday.

– There is a lot, but it is far from sending a danger warning from our side, says Julie Solsvik Vaughan, a meteorologist on duty in Ververslinga in western Norway.

Wednesday’s temperature will be around eight degrees, which the meteorologist describes as very mild.

– A few showers are likely during the afternoon, but eventually cloud cover. Cool in the evening.

Long-term sun

Solsvik Vågane didn’t hide that Thursday was the winner of the week weather-wise.

– That would be great. It seems to get nice sunrises and long periods of sunshine throughout the day. Jupiter will be a bright spot this monsoon, he says.

In addition to dry stones and sun, this day will be cool with a temperature of two to four degrees.

– Looks like clear weather and cold winds from the north overnight into Friday. Night frosts may occur later.

Friday will start with lingering weather, but according to the weatherman it will turn cloudy in the evening.

– Then we get another round of rain and low clouds, so Thursday is our day this week.

– Typical January weather

This weekend, the gray weather is back.

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– Saturday will be characterized by showers, but Sunday will be very wet throughout the day.

By the end of the week, temperatures will be high again, and the weather will come from the west and south-west.

– but temperatures will drop again after the weekend. It is a typical January weather with lots of changes.

StormGeo’s meteorologist, Roar Inge Hansen, has calculated the total amount of rain that fell last year. This post has been shared in a Facebook group “Bergen Weather”.

In Florida, 2,448 millimeters of precipitation was measured in 2022. At this gauging station, normal is 2,495 millimeters, which is 98 percent of normal.

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