Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl (SP) won “Company Lourdeson”

Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl (SP) won "Company Lourdeson"

Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl (SP) has emerged as the winner of this year’s reality show “Company Lourdeson” season.

– Reaching the finish line, Mehl tells NTP that it was a touching moment to see the whole team standing there.

On Saturday, she and other participants gathered for a funeral at Mashil in Oslo.

– Regardless of the result, “Company Laritson” is the primary in putting things together. This is a wonderful unity that we have built for each other in all ways. Without a good team, you have nothing, he says I am proud to think of all 14 of us.

Mehl Marius Skelpack, along with Emily Nereng and Ricky Isaken, reached the final.

– Absurd

He has received criticism for his participation in reality shows, including Kfetil B. Alstadheim, the political editor of Aftenboston.

– There is war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Norway’s emergency minister is playing war on Saturday. This is completely absurd, he tweeted in February.

Mehl responded to the criticism V.G. :

– I have no chance of predicting this. The series was recorded last summer, and along with other experiences I have had in life, the experiences that come from there take me with the work I now have, he said.

The series was recorded before Mehl became Minister of Justice in the summer of 2021. TV2 has asked for its fees to be donated to charities.

Defeat Tomley and Stortalen

This is the third season of “Company Laritson”, this time recorded in the Setnesmoen camp by Åndalsnes in Møre og Romsdal.

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Behind them are former best cyclist Doug Otto Laritson and patron Christian Odegart. 14 Compete to become a member of Laridson’s Fantasy Company. They start out as recruiters and have to learn military discipline. Each week they undergo rigorous military training and a participant is sent home.

This year’s season was attended by Ruben Marcussen, Daniel Frank, Don Tomley Auberge, Emily Anger Stortalen, Dennis Siva Lai, Espen PA Lervock, Lydia Geiselman, Daniel Guammen, Mayu Indran and John Dore Cage.

Have won before

This is not the first time Mehl has appeared on a reality show. In 2015, he won the first season of the NRK “Anno”, where participants had to live as they did in 1764 in Norway.

Mehl is the youngest person to serve as Minister of Justice in Norway. He was first elected to Storting in 2017 as a representative of Headmark. From 2017 to 2020, he was a member of the Judicial Council and from 2020 to 2021 a member of the Foreign and Security Council.

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