10.15 billion kroner – VG

10.15 billion kroner – VG

The Støre government’s offer to farmers is 10.15 billion NOK. State negotiators estimate the gap to be NOK 2.7 billion for farmers ‘systems’ demands. Now the negotiations begin.


According to the government, the concession is expected to increase revenue by approximately NOK 30,000 per human year by 2023, based on last year’s settlement concession. Required The annual wage growth from farmers was 100,000 kroner.

In addition, the state will meet largely with farmers’ organizations to offset the increased costs this year and next. This is a temporary support that will decrease when costs fall.

Viil Søyland, executive chairman of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the state’s chief negotiator, is presenting the government’s offer.

It is a record high and historic NOK of 10.15 billion, according to state estimates.

– The state’s offer is high this year, says Silent.

According to the Norwegian Farmers Association, this year and next year will go to the state offer of 6.6 billion to cover the increased costs.

More than NOK 1.2 billion goes to raising revenue to close the gap for other groups in the community, and the rest often goes to normal wage growth just like the others.

2.7 billion between concessions and requirements

State and farmers’ organizations have made their calculations based on various calculations. If companies use the same calculation methodology as they did in their request, the state’s offer would say NOK $ 8.9 billion.

When the government is now in talks with the Farmers’ Union and the Small Farmers’ Union, the government estimates that the difference between the farmers’ demands and the government’s offer is 2.7 billion NOK.

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– Now that we have read the offer document carefully, it is detailed. This year the solution is complex, says Bjrn Kimming, president of the Norwegian Farmers Association.

The government’s offer is food and lodging 1200 kroner more expensive For a family next year.

Jimming says the offer is the beginning of a much-needed diversion for farmers.

Press Conference: Bjன்rn Jimming, President of the Norwegian Farmers Association and Kersty Hoff, President of the Norwegian Farmers and Small Gardeners Association.

Farmers: Not happy

The press conference was also attended by Bjன்rn Kimming, President of the Norwegian Farmers Association and Kersty Hoff, President of the Norwegian Farmers and Small Gardeners Association.

The farmers’ group was not satisfied with the government’s offer.

– The government’s concession on agricultural immigration meets a good deal on agricultural demands, cost compensation, but not on income increases, says Jimming.

– The farmer needs a sharp increase in income to continue to produce food.

In total, farmers are demanding NOK 11.5 billion to cover the increased costs and close the income gap between them and other groups in the community:

  • NOK 2.4 billion in compensation for higher costs in 2021 and 2022.
  • 5.6 billion in 2023 and the rest goes to revenue growth: 3.5 billion.
Press Conference: Viole Soiland, Chairman of the State Negotiating Committee.

Threatening to leave the group – happy now

Demands from the bottom of the center party are stiff – and expectations have skyrocketed. There are many SP mayors and Labor mayors this week Required The government offers good solution to the farmers.

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Said the entire Sps municipal steering committee in the Nord-Odal municipality Dagbladet That they will leave the party if the government does not provide a good enough opportunity.

– What do you think about the offer?

– I think this is good. This is a good opportunity, and it’s a good job from Sp, says Rohnhill Hagenrud Moen (SP), mayor of Nord-Odel, to Vijay.

– So he says we will not leave.

– Bondelaget Do you think you should be happy?

– Too early to say anything about it, they did not finish talking on the show. But the SP policy here is clear, and I think that’s what’s important to us. I think many people thought that this offer would not come close to this.

Review: Conservative Lean Westcourt-Halle.

Right: Concerned about spending money

Conservative Party agricultural policy spokeswoman Leanne Westgard-Halle says she understands that Norway is going through a difficult time for many in agriculture.

– But NOK 10.15 billion in an agricultural settlement is a bad money. He says conservatives are very concerned about government spending.

Westcourt-Halle fears that if food prices rise, others will have to take the bill.

– I do not understand why the government chooses to spend so much money at a time when many Norwegians are worried about the private economy, as prices and interest rates are rising more than usual for everything from fuel to electricity. In a simple agricultural settlement, he says.

FRP: What about ordinary people?

Sivert Bjørnstad, FRP’s trade policy spokesman, and Bard Hoksrud, deputy speaker of parliament, also fear rising food prices.

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– We record that agriculture has almost no impact on its needs, while other industries that enjoy the same much do not get anything. Where is the government’s support and crisis relief for these? The center party has come up with a record offer for farmers, but clearly offers vacuums in the rest of the business community, says Bjornstadt.

– There is clearly a lack of money, but priorities. Hoxrut says they are making it clear now.

Review: Frps Bård Hoksrud.

SV: – Good starting point

Dorcare Knock Filkesnes, SV’s vice president and agricultural policy spokesman, is pleased.

– This is a good starting point, but there is still a way to go, he writes in an email to Viji that farmers’ finances will be raised and food security will be strengthened.

He believes the offer is too weak to close the increased self-sufficiency and income gap.

Great Satisfaction: Dorjir Knock Philkessness.

Geør Jørgensen, Rødt’s agricultural policy spokesman, says farmers need more money.

– Only 10.15 billion is missing, but he says more is needed to close the income gap between farmers and other workers.

– The Minister of Agriculture has mentioned that agricultural migration is his most important examination. Now he has a few weeks to meet with farmers, and is negotiating a standard, Jorgensen concludes.

– I think no one should worry that farmers are earning well, says KrF’s financial spokesman Kjell Ingolf Ropstad after learning of the state’s offer.

– It is right and fair that the government should offset the extraordinary cost growth experienced by farmers in key components like fertilizer. Robstad writes an email to VG at a dramatic time when high prices around the world, war and the immediate danger of a food crisis are needed to protect our food production in Norway and strengthen opportunities for agriculture in our country.

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