Weather – – just to get ready

Weather – – just to get ready

Many places in the country are characterized by a changing and unpredictable type of weather. There will be some rain, but also longer periods to stay.

So a latent umbrella can be a good idea so as not to affect the mood.

– During Friday, low pressure will come from the southwest that will hit the southern parts of our country and creep higher, the duty meteorologist, Iselin Skjervagen explains to Dagbladet.

– This means that the whole of southern Norway will have a lot of weather, but there will also be some stays.

The weekend will not be so important, we must believe the meteorologist. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued a yellow warning of heavy rain in northern Inlandit county from Friday evening to Sunday night.

«Know that this rain will sometimes come as snow on the tops of high mountains“,” they write.

But a few flashes of light, it will be.

– It won’t be a great weekend, but there will be some stays that will last a while. Many places will also see the sun over the weekend, Skjervagen tells Dagbladet.

The temperature will remain fairly stable in the eastern region throughout the weekend.

The temperature in Oslo can reach 20 degrees. In Bergen and along the coast towards Stavanger, the temperature can be around 15 degrees. The meteorologist explains that places indoors can drop by more than 15 degrees.

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At the beginning of next week, the low pressure on southern Norway will continue.

On Monday, it will probably rain in most places in southern Norway at some point.

The meteorologist explains that the weather will be fine on Tuesday in most places, except for the coast in the far east.

– Down towards Sauerland and parts of Moss and Oslo Fjord, it looks like a new low pressure may be coming, which could cause some precipitation. The rest of southern Norway will have very nice weather, after Wednesday as well, says Skjervagen.

However, it looks like rain will be scattered on Thursday in most places.

– But the trend is that it’s getting prettier. The low pressure should have pulled off a bit, and that helps, says the meteorologist.

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Weather winner

The meteorologist explains that when there is low pressure ending over southern Norway, the weather is usually fine in northern Norway.

Skjervagen declares Northern Norway the weather winner for this time.

It shows that there is generally a little less rainfall here than in southern Norway.

There will be some rain on Friday. However, Nordland will get the best results.

The rains will subside, and the weather will be nice on Saturday and Sunday, according to the meteorologist.

Monday and Tuesday the weather will also be nice, but there will likely be some scattered rain. For the most part, there will be periods of residence in northern Norway.

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