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After a Monday and Tuesday ritual, the gods decided that was enough. On Wednesday afternoon, a yellow warning applies to what meteorologists call a lot of lightning.

– We have a yellow warning for a lot of lightning in Trondelag. The greatest danger is found especially in the afternoon and evening. In connection with this, there will be heavy rain. There are of course significant local variations in severity, as is often the case with showers. Some places will notice it well, and others not, says meteorologist Aslaug Skålevik Valved in action.

The hazard warning applies to Nordmoor, Trondelag and parts of Nordland, and meteorologists are now monitoring developments. The warning started from 13:00 to 23:00 on Wednesday.

– Until now, there was no effect on the lightning and thunder in their area. We have something in the North Sea, but it hasn’t spread yet. It is always difficult to say how much lightning and thunder will come out of it.

Time Watch out for lightning and thunder as per year number 20 in Trondheim.

– How big is the chance of hitting Trondheim?

You are in an area with the highest probability. Sure, but it’s very difficult to pinpoint exactly where they occur. At least it is an expression that may come.

Yellow Severe Lightning Warning


Keep up with the evolution of the weather and weather forecast. Follow the weather radar or Unplug electrical appliances. Adjust the speed according to the driving conditions. Find a shelter. Avoid open plains and large trees. Do not swim or shower.

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Heavy rain showers locally. Danger of damage to objects as a result of lightning. Power supply and TV/Internet may be affected. Lightning strikes can lead to fires in buildings and forests/vegetation.

– How fierce can you be if you hit?

– It’s very hard to say. In a worst-case scenario, there could be a few thousand lightning strikes on the ground and in clouds over a larger area, but it’s hard to predetermine that situation until we get feedback, says Skålevik Valved.

– How much rain do we get?

So far, volumes seem to be approaching ten millimeters per hour, at least in a larger area. Locally it may be more, but at least that’s what we expect. So far we haven’t sent a warning about the danger of heavy rain in Trondelag, but they did get it in Sunmore.

The meteorologist also has some clear recommendations ahead of a potential storm:

– This is not the right day to go on a peak trek. It is not recommended to be at the highest level in the environment around you if you start. Avoid the sea, open plains, mountains and also do not seek refuge under tall trees. In general, the safest place if you are surrounded by a lot of lightning and thunder is the car. You are also completely safe at home and indoors.

Here you can follow the lightning strikes:

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