Weather, News | Low pressure can spoil the good weather for much of the country, but in Friedrichstadt you’ll find shorts and sunglasses.

Weather, News |  Low pressure can spoil the good weather for much of the country, but in Friedrichstadt you’ll find shorts and sunglasses.

Earlier in the week, meteorologists beat the big drum and announced that a good weather weekend was in store.

Now a low pressure from the west seems to have plans to spoil the good weather for large parts of the country.

– On Sunday, there will be precipitation in western Norway, as far as Trendelåk and Nordland. In eastern Norway, it will not be sunny, but rather cloudy, state meteorologist Charalambos Sarkosidis tells Netavisen.

However, the weather has not been as extreme as seen recently, including storm “Hans” and subsequent heavy rains and floods.

– This is a normal low pressure passage from the Atlantic Ocean. This gives us a very classic monsoon climate, which is wet in the west, he further explains.

Summer temperature

But the weekend won’t be grey, we have to trust Sarchosides.

– Saturday will be a good day, especially in southern Norway and eastern Norway, he says.

Additionally, temperatures will be more summer-like than September, the state meteorologist says.

– In parts of southern Norway, in Oslo and towards Fredrikstad, temperatures will be between 20 and 23 degrees on Saturday. It will be very summery, he insists.

Oslo Municipality: – No bathroom

With the arrival of toasty summer temperatures, many Oslo residents may be tempted to take a dip in the fjord sea. But according to Oslo Municipality, you definitely shouldn’t.

In a press release, the municipality says the contaminated sewage was washed into Alnelva and further into the Oslofjord. Because last weekend’s storm broke the wall between the main tunnel and the spillway.

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According to NRK, there is talk of 130 million liters of sewage to be cleaned.

– Swimming is not recommended at Hovedøya, Gressholmen, Lindøya, Bleikøya, Bekkelagsbadet, Sørenga, Bispekilen and Operastranda. In addition, saunas in Langkaya have been notified, they write in a press release.

The wall needs to be repaired, but there is still some sewage leaking out.

More rain in the north

While southern Norway and eastern Norway were highlighted as weekend weather winners, the country’s northernmost counties have black pepper.

– Low pressure is in the north of Finland, which will ensure wet weather in both Finnmark and Trams for the next 24 hours. Sarkosidis explains that it will calm down on Saturday, but there will still be wet areas for the next 24 hours.

Residents of northern counties can expect wet weather over the next week.

– It’s getting the first taste of autumn weather in northern Norway, and the meteorologist says it will already apply from next week.

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