weather, precipitation | Meteorologist with clear call: – Enjoy the weather now

weather, precipitation |  Meteorologist with clear call: – Enjoy the weather now

Enjoy the weekend weather if you get the chance, because next week’s weather will change completely, according to meteorologists. At least for parts of eastern Norway.

– Then the high pressure will withdraw, and we will get low pressure and precipitation, says duty meteorologist Ingrid Bentsen to Drummins Tidendi.

Heat waves and tropical nights in the east were replaced by cooler temperatures and precipitation in the past week. But before more rain is announced next weekend, a sunny weekend is approaching in large parts of the country.

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warmest in the north

And after a cooler start to summer in the north, the heat has also reached this part of the country in full force.

– Northern Norway was the warmest in the country on Thursday, and Bardufoss took the lead at 28.1 degrees! On the map below, you can see the eleven highest temperatures in northern Norway, according to a report by meteorologists on Twitter.

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It will rain in Nordland and Troms on Midsummer’s Eve, Friday. There will also be scattered rain on Saturday. On Sunday, it looks a little better in Nordland, while in Troms it will still rain.

– It’s just the weekend that feels a little better. Duty meteorologist Engfield Villa says summer heat will return after the weekend.

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Further north, in Finnmark, they keep the summer weather well into the weekend.

– It will be relatively warm at around 20-22 degrees. Locally, it could definitely get hotter, says Villa.

The weather will be mostly dry over the weekend, but late Sunday evening there could be some rain in western Finnmark.

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In the center of the country, there will be some rain on Thursday, especially in Trøndelag and More og Romsdal.

Hordaland and Rogaland also get occasional showers. Things get better here on Midsummer’s Eve, Friday, while Møre, Romsdal and Trøndelag continue to rain.

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Diverse weekend in central Norway

On Friday evening, however, the rains start to move away, so Saturday can be a lot of long weather and little sun.

– But there will be a change in cloud cover throughout the weekend, says Villa.

On Sunday afternoon there will also be another round of rain, this time in most places in western Norway.

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Temperatures vary across the country. On Friday, it could be around 18 degrees in the far south, but about 13-15 degrees a little further north.

On Saturday and Sunday, the thermometer will likely show 20 degrees and more in most places. The exception is in the far north of Trondelag, where it gets cooler.

It’s always been a little uncertain with temperatures, Villa says, but overall it looks promising.

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The sun returns to southern Norway

In large parts of southern Norway, there is a high risk of wildfires, and many municipalities have introduced bans on barbecues and open fires.

Sanktan must therefore be celebrated without the traditional bonfires.

On Friday, the sun will shine in eastern Norway and in Agder, and it will also be warmer after a few days of partly cloudy skies and showers. It will probably be around 23-24 degrees. In some places it can reach 26 degrees.

– The whole weekend looks good in terms of sun and high temperatures. Then there will probably be some variable cloud cover, especially on Saturday.

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There will be long periods of sunshine, but there may be some afternoon showers in some places. The air also becomes less humid.

– The air is likely to be drier on Thursday when the sun comes out and starts to dry out again.

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