whale threatened with extinction

whale threatened with extinction

Ocean warming and new food sources are driving whale species Nordkabir In dangerous areas, reports Watchman.

Climate change has affected the sea off the US state of Maine, resulting in fatal deaths along the coasts of the United States and Canada.

The increase in temperatures has caused the northern capes to move north, more specifically to Saint Lawrence BuctaWhere travel for them is more dangerous, as there is an increase in traffic between large ships and the number of fishermen there.

New photos from the Gulf of St. Lawrence show many dead northern heads along the beaches, and a new report by oceanography, stating that this species is currently in danger of extinction.

a little food

After years of analyzing plankton, observations of northern headlands and fluctuations in sea temperature, researchers have found that whales have altered their movement patterns to search for food. In addition, there is a significant decrease in the number of female whales that reproduce.

North Cape females need a lot of food to be able to reproduce, and when they don’t get enough nutrition, they end up not being able to carry a fetus, or choosing to breed at all.

When they can’t build up thick layers of fat with fat, they can’t get pregnant, carry a pregnancy, or breastfeed babies, explains Erin Meyer-Guttbrod, a study researcher and a marine biologist at the University of South Carolina.

Gutbrod writes that the number of North Cape baby boomers has decreased dramatically over the past ten years. In 2018, it was reported that not a single Northern Cape was born.

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Gutbrod has long researched whale species, and the study became even more intense after an exciting discovery, in 2017. In that time, more than 17 dead northern heads were found, 12 of which were discovered in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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There are 356 animals left

big nordcaper bardehval I families right whales, reports The great Norwegian encyclopedia. Oceanography writes that this species is severely threatened with extinction today, with only 356 Northern Cape left.

Previously, the Northern Cape was located on the Norwegian coast. Today it is exceptionally seen only on the European side of the North Atlantic.

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