Why should the number you get in math determine if you can become a teacher?

Why should the number you get in math determine if you can become a teacher?
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The important thing is the motivation and basic understanding they gain through their studies, quite apart from their high school math personality, writes Geir Martinussen.

Many of my students who have trees in math today are good teachers – also in math.

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in Si; D On October 11, Associate Professor Elise Nygård asked us to ask ourselves the question of what knowledge we would like to teach our children and youth to have.

The starting point is that the requirements for a grade four in mathematics from high school should be kept for those who will be training as teachers.

However, many of us would like future teachers to be educated at university or college, where they gain the knowledge necessary to teach. It has nothing to do with a high school math degree.

frustrating topics

There is a huge shortage of qualified teachers in Norway, which means that a large number of students are taught by unskilled workers.

In fact, many qualified and motivated teachers feel hopeless and frustrated because the four requirements exclude them from teacher education.

As a math teacher and educator for over 16 years, I’ve had a very large number of students who started with three maths students from high school. Everyone continued their studies well and are today good teachers – as well as in mathematics.

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The important thing is the motivation and basic understanding they get by studying, regardless of their high school math degree.

Lots of caution

Also, those who wish to train as teachers in subjects other than mathematics are denied a place to study if they do not obtain a fourth grade or better in mathematics from high school.

Professional circles and teacher organizations strongly opposed this requirement when it was introduced. Not least, it is significant that the Education Ministry’s advisory body, the Teacher Education Reform Follow-up Group, has strongly cautioned against introducing this requirement.

It was emphasized that there are a number of points to be emphasized, which is unfortunate with special requirements in individual subjects.

It is unbelievable that the outgoing government did not comply with clear professional advice. Fortunately, most parties now support the abolition of the fourth requirement.

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