Wolf Hunting Stopped – NRK Oslo & Wigen – Local News, Television & Radio

Wolf Hunting Stopped - NRK Oslo & Wigen - Local News, Television & Radio

– Alette Sandvik in the Association Our Predators to NRK says I am very happy and very relaxed.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has decided to maintain looting sports teams before Christmas Decided to kill 25 wolves in four areas.

Shortly afterwards came a request for a moratorium from NOAH, the Association of Ever Predators and the WWF. They thought the government’s decision was illegal.

The district court has now decided that the hunt should be stopped in the territories of Hornmoen, Rømskog, Bograngen and Slettås.

– It would have been very surprising if they had come to a different conclusion. Now I sit down and read the verdict, says Sandwick.


What is a License Cancellation?


Special hunting type for large hunters.

The three largest predators, the wolverine, the wolf and the bear, can only be hunted through what is known as a license fall.

Lynx is the exception, it can be hunted by normal hunting.

Hunters must be registered

In order to do license cutting, hunters must register as license hunters in the Hunter Register.

Licensing is possible under Section (§18) of the Biodiversity Act, which allows exceptions to protected wolves, wolverines and bears.

But what about minimizing damage?

There is also a third form of legal hunting of predators, called Damages.

It is a type of hunting that allows you to kill an animal that is in serious danger of injuring or killing a pet, such as a sheep or domestic reindeer.

This is a measure used only in severe situations to prevent injury.

Source: Predatory Visitor Center

Believes the result is invalid

The Ministry of Climate and Environment is required to pay NOK 450,000 legal costs to three animal welfare organizations.

The verdict of the Oslo District Court states:

– The wolf zone creates a small territory for Norway and the wolf, where there are high gateway requirements for when wolves can be caught.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment may choose to appeal the ruling, but it is not yet clear if they want to do something.

Elizabeth James, President of the Hedmark Farmers’ Association.

Photo: Arne Sorens / NRK

Elizabeth Gijmes, president of the Hedmark Farmers’ Association, reacted strongly to the ruling.

– This is totally unbelievable. It is a wolf species that grows up and is accessible to humans. There is a clear need to control the growth of wolf populations and then ban them from cutting. I think it’s totally weird, says Gigams.

– What is the significance of this for the grazing season?

– Many of these herds have many puppies that walk in many directions and end up in grazing areas, says the head of the farm at Headmark.

The ruling center party disagreed with the ruling. They believe the court has “doubted” the verdict and that it should be appealed.

– It is important that the will of the Sorting Majority, the government and the plundering sports groups be followed. Ole Andre Myrwald, Predator Policy Spokesman for the NRK’s ​​Center Party, says it’s about listening to people and people with wolf problems in everyday life.

– is in dangerous condition

All three organizations felt it was reprehensible that the Ministry of Climate and Environment did not wait for the outcome of Noah’s case against the decision to kill wolves in 2019. Ledgena-Revret.

In Oslo District Court, Noah won, but the government has appealed the ruling, and the case will not be heard in the Court of Appeals until June.

The companies also react to the fact that a total of 25 animals will be shared within the wolf zone, which is the largest part of the total registered wolf pair.

Carolyn Andor, Secretary-General of the WWF Global Fund for Nature

Carolyn Andour, General Secret and WWF.

Photo: Alf Ivar Martinsen / NRK

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) believes the ruling is a victory for wolf and biodiversity.

– This is correct. Lord WWF Secretary-General Carolyn Lord says we went to district court because we thought the decision was illegal because there was already a ruling against the state in a previous wolf case.

– What is the benefit of such a judgment seen with your own eyes?

– The wolf is a very dangerous creature and is on the Norwegian Red List. Gets a little better living conditions by not taking it out, says Andor.

The hunting season within the wolf zone is from January 1 to February 15.

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