Work and Life, Corporate | A company steeped in tradition has made an agreement with a new company – to solve the challenges of an entire industry

Work and Life, Corporate |  A company steeped in tradition has made an agreement with a new company – to solve the challenges of an entire industry

Craftsman Lett-Tak Systemer and technology company Inotek have partnered to offer an innovative roof maintenance agreement.

Both companies write this in a press release.

Proper maintenance and operation, cost control and energy management are some of the challenges facing the real estate industry. Through a unique collaboration between Lett-Tak Systemer’s surface maintenance expertise and Inotek’s specialization in energy and condition mapping, they will contribute to easier daily life in the industry, the letter says.

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– Provides security

Building managers can feel called upon to make sure buildings are in good condition and operating optimally, especially when it comes to older or complex buildings, explains Morten Owen, director of services and aftersales at Lett-Tak Systemer.

Maintaining building quality while keeping costs in check is often seen as a challenge, he says, and continues:

– This is exactly why regular roof inspections are so important. This provides security to prevent serious damage to the roof, as well as the financial consequences that may ensue.

In this collaboration, Inotek is mapping and thermal imaging of building climate monitors using a drone, identifying anomalies and leaks that affect energy consumption and roof condition.

Perhaps the only one in Norway

Fredrik Rist, general manager of Inotek, points out that Inotek is probably the only company in Norway that analyzes and reports errors and deficiencies in a roof climate monitor in this way.

Thermal energy and condition mapping provides fast and accurate roof condition analysis. We present results and deviations in a separate report, provide an estimate of any power loss and recommend actions to address errors and deficiencies. The report thus becomes an important basis for support and decision-making for the owners, managers and operators of the building, he explains.

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Based on the analysis and report from Inotek, Lett-Tak repairs any damage. By sharing their specialized expertise, Inotek and Lett-Tak Systemer will offer a seamless and cost-effective solution for maintenance and repair.

Service agreements should be tailored to customer needs and provide financial predictability.

This should give clients security and control over their real estate investment, while at the same time helping to preserve existing building stock and reduce environmental impact, Rist explains.

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I started last year

Both companies have a clear focus on the circular economy and sustainable solutions, and through cooperation they want to contribute to reducing material and resource consumption. With good roof maintenance, the life of buildings will be extended, the level of conflict in insurance matters will be mitigated, and values ​​​​in calculations will increase.

Lett-Tak Systemer Sales and Marketing Director Tommy Nielsen looks forward to the innovative collaboration.

– We share the same vision of moving the industry forward with sustainable solutions, he says with satisfaction.

While Lett-Tak is a well-known and traditional Larvik company, Inotek, which has an address in Stavern, is a relatively new company.

– When we fully launch our services in May, we will be ready to cover the whole country from day one. And we know the need is there. I’m not afraid to say that this is an ambitious project, Frederic Rist told ØP regarding the project last year.

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