Worse than expected from Tesla

Worse than expected from Tesla

Musk is under more pressure than ever to deliver on his long-term promise of a software update that could turn existing Tesla cars into self-driving robotaxis without hardware changes, according to CNBC.

Musk wants more power

Before the release of the quarterly numbers, Tesla shareholders submitted questions to management for answers Sai Technologies platform.

Among other things, they asked when Tesla plans to debut its “next generation” vehicle, an affordable electric vehicle referred to by fans as the Model 2. Investors also want to know how many orders Tesla has received for its recently released vehicle. Cybertruck, as well as when the company plans to ramp up production of battery cells and the 4,680 electric semi trucks at its Nevada Gigafactory.

Shareholders have expressed concern over Musk's recent demands to control more of the company.

“I'm uncomfortable letting Tesla grow into a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics without getting about 25 percent of the vote. Enough to be influential, but not enough,” Musk wrote in a post on Monday, January 15, on Channel X. Which cannot diminish his popularity.”

The billionaire continued: “If this does not happen, I would prefer to build products outside of Tesla,” noting that he considers Tesla to be “dozens” of startups and not just one company.

According to CNBC, investors on Say's platform also asked if they should be concerned that Elon stated he was uncomfortable with expanding artificial intelligence and robotics at Tesla if he didn't get 25 percent of the vote.

Even investor Ross Gerber, who has been a fan of Musk and a Tesla bull for many years, reacted to the proposal. Gerber said on CNBC's “Last Call” with Brian Sullivan that Musk has put pressure on Tesla shareholders, and also stated that the idea that he does not control Tesla is ridiculous. He also added that everyone on the board is a friend or family member of his.

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Stay focused on AI

Musk is already building AI products outside of Tesla, including X.AI, a startup he founded in Nevada in March 2023.

When Tesla presented its second-quarter numbers in July 2023, Musk said they had some of the world's best AI engineers and researchers ready to join their startup, but were not willing to join a relatively large, established group like Tesla.

According to CNBC, Tesla has also announced plans to build its own data centers, Dojo-type supercomputers, and a humanoid robot, called Optimus.

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