Great Britain: – The 19-year-old died: – I was a coward

Great Britain: – The 19-year-old died: – I was a coward

A hearing is being held this week at Kalokane Court in Nottingham, in relation to a murder case that occurred last summer.

A 32-year-old man is accused of killing two 19-year-olds.

It was just after 4 a.m. on June 13, 2023, when 19-year-old Grace O'Malley Kumar and her boyfriend, 19-year-old Barnaby Weber, were on their way home from a trip in the city. They celebrated the end of the last exam of the semester.

Knife attack

They were on their way to the student housing when suddenly a strange man appeared.

Girl (13 years old) kidnapped – saved by Lab

The person had a knife in his hand and attacked Barnaby Weber.

The man stabbed 19-year-old Barnaby repeatedly. Grace – who was studying medicine – then tried to intervene, according to Tuesday's court hearing in Nottingham.

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She tried to protect Barnaby by punching the strange man and pushing him away. The man then attacked Grace.

-It was brutal

Prosecutor Karim Khalil said in the courtroom on Tuesday that the man was stubborn and brutal in his assault.

Grace's injuries were so extensive that she fell. She and Barnaby died from their injuries.

The accused man is said to have then left the scene.

The first sign was bruising

The first sign was bruising

Grace O'Malley Kumar's father and brother testified in court on Tuesday, speaking directly to the man accused of murder.

Speak directly to the accused

– I intervened bravely. She won't abandon a friend in need. This was not in her nature. Her father, Sanjoy Kumar, told the BBC: “I fought against you heroically and bravely.”

-You have shown yourself to be a cold, cowardly, and calculated killer. He continued: I just left, leaving my child lying in the street.

A dead man was found in the plane's toilet

A dead man was found in the plane's toilet

The young woman's younger brother, James, told the court he was completely lost without his older sister Grace, who he also described as his best friend.

– It is a great honor to be able to say that she is my big sister, it is a great honor. “Now my mission is to do my best to make her proud,” he said, according to the BBC.

New victim on the same day

After stabbing the two young students, the accused allegedly attacked an elderly man, 65-year-old Ian Robert Coates, who was driving on Majdala Road in the city.

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The killer attacked him, stabbed him in the stomach and chest, stole his car, and left Ian Robert Coates at the scene.

Grace O'Malley Kumar, Barnaby Weber and Ian Robert Coates died from their injuries last summer.

Police: Great question

Police: Great question

It was revealed during the trial that the accused suffers from a serious mental disorder.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, as a result of the impact of the diagnosis. He is also charged with first-degree murder and manslaughter, but is pleading not guilty.

It is not known when the verdict will be pronounced in this case.

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