Would you choose a better stock than Harald the Monkey? – H 24

Would you choose a better stock than Harald the Monkey?  - H 24

Harald Silk Monkey (14) chose stocks for this year’s National Stock Championship.

Harald is a 14-year-old monkey who is mature for a monkey. However, this is his first time participating in the National Stock Championship.
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NM inventory is in progress. In five weeks, you can play with 100,000 NOK on the Oslo Stock Exchange for free and without risk. Register here.

But how do you choose the stocks to invest in?

One can proceed with the analysis, either through Technical AnalysisIn technical analysis, you study the past price movements of a stock in order to try to predict something about future developments. You are only looking at the evolution of prices, without delving into what the company is doing or what the market is like.or Fundamental AnalysisIn fundamental analysis, a complete review and appraisal of the company you are considering investing in is done, including the balance sheet, the market you operate in, and other relevant factors that may play a role.but you can also choose posts more or less randomly.

As did the 14-year-old Arab monkey Harald, for us.


We took the trip to Oslo’s Reptelpark and got help from Harald to pick five stocks. To make it a little easier for us, he was allowed to choose from all the companies included in the OBX Oslo Stocks Index, the 25 most traded stocks, as well as ten so-called “lotto stocks” chosen by Invest Tech.

Follow Harald’s stock portfolio here!

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How happy is Harald to take the risk?

Harald eats insects and tree bark, but at the same time it grows better in the heat and in familiar surroundings. It’s not easy to predict much about Harald’s willingness to take risks, but he will be presented with the names of the 35 companies anyway.

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After a great deal of hesitation, he finally reached for a small hand in the bowl.

Harald was able to choose from 35 company slips from the OBX index, as well as ten “lotto stocks”.

Aker BP says. The oil and gas company to which Kjell Inge Røkke was recently transferred is the largest owner.

Is Harald a hydrocarbon specialist, like investor Tor Olaf Trom? 14 years old is an adult for a marmoset, so could Harald belong to the older generation of investors at the Oslo Stock Exchange?

Harald chose both heavier weights and some spice for his portfolio.

Then Schibsted follows, and we seriously begin to believe that Harald is in love with the great, not the great volatileExpress how the price of a stock or other financial instrument will fluctuate over time. High volatility means there are high volatility, and vice versa with low volatility companies.

But then we see hope for some action in the portfolio: Norwegian company, Havila Shipping, and DLT follow closely.

Then patience runs out.

And so begins Harald Aksje-NM with the following portfolio:

  • Aker BP
  • Shepsted
  • Norwegian
  • Havela Cargo
  • DLT

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Stock Championship Winner Tip: – Go “all in”

Follow Harald, or choose for yourself?

Kristen Skoog is the Managing Director of Aksje Norge, which works to spread knowledge about stocks. Skaug has worked his entire career in finance, including at Nordea and before that he was a stockbroker and an interest and derivatives broker.

Kristen Skoog at Aksje Norge recommends that you pay special attention to the news during the weeks you participate in Aksje-NM.

It has more concrete advice on the strategy one should follow in Aksje-NM

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– First of all, you should not fall in love with a share and stay with it during the great downturns. In the game, you have to cut your losses quickly.

This means that you must act quickly when the stock goes down and sells.

Skaug says there is still a big difference between whether you go for a stock that fluctuates a lot from day to day, or a stock that is more stable.

If a share fluctuates a lot from day to day, you have to be more patient than if you choose a stock that does not fluctuate much.

– A share like NEL, Kahoot or Norwegian tends to be more volatile than Orkla. If you sell those that fluctuate a lot quickly, you may have to incur a larger loss than necessary.

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read the news!

Skaug also recommends keeping up with the news, and at least reading the biggest headlines every morning.

Reading things like “this is the most important thing happening today” is the best advice, then you get news that can affect the market.

– Just in the period we are in right now, there’s a little bit of company news, and then there’s general news that you have to follow. But at the beginning of October, corporate results are starting to come in from the US, then usually the banking sector first and then bigger companies follow. Then you have to follow.

Another morning ritual one should add, according to Skoog, is a look at how stock exchanges in the United States closed the night before.

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– If the US stock markets developed negatively the day before, it is possible that it will continue in Europe the next day. It is then a good idea to look at which sectors have been hit the hardest, that way you can get an indication of how things are developing here at home.

You have to use your head

Kristen Skoog doesn’t believe in the possibility of winning an Aksje-NM race by blindly picking stocks, or in other words asking a monkey like Harald to do the job.

– If your investment world is the Oslo Stock Exchange, there will be stocks that do not move at all. If the monkey chose those, nothing would happen.

Even if it’s a game, you have to use your head. You have to understand what you invested in. You have to ask yourself if this is something of concern to others, is this something that will be a topic in the coming weeks. Is this a company that has solutions to the problems we face going forward, or is it a company that is part of the problems that lie ahead?

E24 is a subsidiary of the Schibsted Group. Some E24 journalists own stock in Schibsted, by participating in the group’s stock savings program.

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