Xbox gets artificial intelligence – ITavisen

Xbox gets artificial intelligence – ITavisen

An AI assistant will also be coming to Xbox, The Verge revealed after accessing internal documents.

asking for help

AI is the first step in bringing these functions to the Xbox platform and associated services. Primarily, it will respond to service inquiries because it is connected to the Microsoft Help Guide, but it can also refund money spent on games. The assistive robot is animated to better fit the entertainment environment.

Microsoft later confirmed that it was testing an “Xbox Support Virtual Agent,” an “internal prototype in the form of an animated character that can query Xbox Support topics via voice or text.” Haiyan Zhang, head of gaming AI at Xbox, explains that the prototype makes it easier and faster for players to get help on support topics using natural language, pulling information from existing Xbox support pages.

To be further integrated into the brand new Xbox

Of course, the Assistant should be similar to the platform on which Microsoft already encourages its customers to automate assistance services. Examples of interactions where the controller first asks “What can I help you with today?” Xbox hardware and subscriber errors.

In addition to AI as a support service, Microsoft will also use the technology to create game content, manage game operations internally, and assist with game testing. AI will also be a key part of the powerful new Xbox console that Microsoft has already confirmed is on the way, but hasn't revealed anything yet. The new console will likely provide AI functionality that current consoles cannot.

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