Xbox, PC | Test: Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra

Xbox, PC |  Test: Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra (Xbox/Android)

Price: 2,190 NOK

Turtle Beach has relatively bravely introduced the Stealth Ultra, what it calls a “premium gaming controller” equipped with RGB lighting and an LCD screen, which it claims has better battery life than Sony's DualSense. In practice, up to 25 individual hours.

The design process appears to have been an adventurous brainstorming session aimed at challenging the Xbox Elite Series 2, which resulted in the creation of this simply… Exaggerated Game console.

Right out of the box, the Stealth Ultra impresses with its larger, more spherical appearance compared to a traditional Xbox controller, with a lighter weight thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery.

It comes with a charging station that also houses a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle, and the package also includes four rubber thumbstick caps and a USB-C to USB-A cable. The console's outstanding design and features make it a prominent entrant in the gaming accessories market.

Finally what every console should have

Most of all because of the “drift-resistant thumb sticks”.

“Anti-drift thumbsticks” are a technological improvement in the design of analog sticks (thumb sticks) found on game consoles, intended to prevent or reduce the problem known as “stick drift”. Stick drift is a common problem as the analog stick detects movement even when the user is not touching or moving it. This can lead to unwanted movements or actions in games, which can be frustrating for players.

Traditional analog levers operate using potentiometers that measure the position of the lever based on how angular its center position is. Over time, corrosion, dust, and dirt can cause these potentiometers to send incorrect signals, resulting in drift.

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Non-driftable thumbsticks attempt to solve this problem in various ways, which may include better material choices, more robust designs, or even entirely new ways of recording movement without relying on traditional potentiometers.

The goal is to create a more reliable gaming experience where players' inputs are accurately reproduced over time, even after extensive use. And the; Yes, you can do that. Now I have to say we haven't used it for more than four weeks in a row, but it has had to deal with wall throws and other things.

Social media

You can connect the controller to Discord (and other social stuff, but why?) to see when people log in or out, and the same app that controls the controller works fine. Not that you need it as you can control everything directly from the screen yourself. This means separate functions for different buttons (yes, it has multiple sub-buttons) and various other things.

In addition, the controller has a relatively unique design; Among other things, the D-Pad has a concave appearance. Another innovation is the placement of two buttons on either side of the underside, strategically located where many users' middle finger naturally falls.

These buttons, which can be easily activated with a pinch or tap on the side of your finger, feature small, clickable switches for a more satisfying response than the softer feel of buttons found on other controllers, including the Xbox Elite Series 2.

The Stealth Ultra's analog triggers take a different tack than other buttons by not using microswitches. Instead, it is equipped with trigger locks that allow for either precise control or instant activation with a short pull. This provides a more customizable gaming experience compared to a standard controller.

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The short version is that this is the controller the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 should be. Absolutely crazy in price, but also crazy to use.

We give a dice roll of 6, but it costs a lot of money, so with a small caveat.

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